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'Cut' Vs. 'Uncut' . . . What we really think?



blog-0087198001385457162.jpgBlog #2


(Definitions to support Article #2: "Cut" = Circumcised . . . . . . ."Uncut" = Uncircumcised )


Hi PP,


Thank you for reading my first Blog titled "What I love about being a Private Escort": A personal experience of the pros and cons of Private V's Agency work.


For my second Blog, I have decided to share another personal experience I had with a recent gentleman who was "uncut" as he called it and his anguish he felt about seeing an escort as such?

He first contacted me and we engaged in some lovely, polite getting to know each other conversation. After a few minutes we had arranged a booking and said our goodbyes. A minute later I received a text saying. . . "There's one problem Holly, Im uncut below."

I couldn't believe what I had read! I felt so sad that a man in his late 30's felt that being uncircumcised was a problem and in particular, a problem for an escort he would be paying?!?!? I could really sense his insecurity so I very quickly replied to him with the following encouraging message:


"Simon* I do not mind if you are circumcised or not? Its how you were born and how you were intended to be. As long as you are clean I am very happy. And please do me a favour and NEVER ever allow yourself to think that being uncircumcised is regarded a "problem"! You should be proud that you are still intact!" :)


He then sent me a number of messages complimenting me in various ways - not about my looks - but about my attitude and kindness. He was really blown away by my level of acceptance and reassurance.


We had a wonderful 2 hour booking and he had a beautiful penis. Very clean, very aesthetically beautiful and I told him so.

That night, that lovely man left with his head held high and a confidence that he didn't have when he arrived. And that same night, I felt truly lifted knowing that I had made a real difference to a man's life (and not just to his balls :D ) Hahahahah!



Holly Jacques x


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You are a wonderful person Holly. You would have lifted his self esteem immensely.

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Vivian Vassago


Personally I think circumcised is great!


Serena x

+1 mushroom tops are yummy;)

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