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What I love about being a Private Escort



blog-0634315001385450524.jpgHello Punters,

This is my first entry as Im brand new to this site (which looks amazing by the way!)

I have been working in the escort industry almost a year now and started off (as most of us seem to) with an agency. The agency I worked for was a wonderful place to start as I new nothing about the escort industry and was given a great deal of support and and helpful tips on how to be a true courtesan. Wow, do you learn fast!

I would recommend to any girl starting out to firstly work with an agency as you form friendships with other working girls and have the added peace of mind that you are safe. Being safe was one of the biggest hurdles for me as I had always worked as a school teacher and you can't get safer or more innocent than that! (Cheeky smile)

I had always had a "wild side" and I found escorting satisfied that - feeling naughty, living a secret 'double life' so to speak was a turn on for me. I found I felt a sense of superiority (for want of a better word) in my sexy outfits, knowing that men wanted me and that I would be providing them with such pleasures. Sort of "Goddess" like I guess :)

After working with my agency for approx 3 months I decided to look into Private/Independent work and began advertising with reputable sites. I soon discovered that there are ways to be safe AND keep all of your hard earned money for yourself! Giving 50% to the agency always felt just a little bit too much which lead to feelings of slight dissatisfaction.

Now, I take my own calls, hear the voices of perspective clients, arrange bookings on my terms and pick and choose who I see. I am very careful and selective of clients as I like to feel a connection with my man before actually meeting.

Another benefit of working as a private escort is TIME! My personality is friendly and engaging and i always spend time getting to know my client at the start of the booking; perhaps a glass of wine, a chat about what really gets him going and if that chemistry is there, I like to share a little about my private life - usually I am asked "So Holly, how did a girl like you get into escorting?" I love to share this tale :) I do this 'getting to know each other' on MY TIME (not the clients) and only begin the clock (so to speak) once I feel that we have established a connection. This enables our encounter to feel completely natural and intimate, regardless of the style of booking (ie hardcore PSE :o ) Mutual respect and mutual pleasure is very big on my list of what makes a great sexual/sensual encounter and I always achieve this. This is probably the most important reason that I choose to work privately as opposed to with an agency... and I have found my clients value my attitude toward my service I provide.

In sum - Agencies are great to begin and I recommend them for any newbie to the industry. However once you feel confident its a great feeling knowing that the money you have earned is ALL YOURS! :D

I hope you have enjoyed my first post and I look forward to receiving your comments.

Holly Jacques x


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Thank you for being my very first punter to comment on my very first Blog. (Big Smile) 

Stay tuned for my second article titled: "Cut V's Uncut" What we really think?  


Holly x

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