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Bodilinx (later moved to Bodyline) - 29/03/07 - Leslie

Trouser Area



Hi All,


Went into Bodylinx today to see if Monique was about, but she's been off all week with the flu. Anyway, I got an intro: Zoe, Nicki and Leslie. Zoe and Nicki are both girl-next-door types. Young (early 20s) and pretty, but I hadn't remembered any reviews for them, so I went with Leslie, who's been reviewed favourably here.


Well, she's OK, but not really my cup of tea. She'd be well into her 40s (or is 35 and lives hard), blonde, size 8 tanned bod and has a big tatt above her rump. She has a real stink of smoke about her, which I didn't like much. On the other hand, she has really good tits (C-cup) and a great little arse for her age.


She brought in a stereo and put on the Kill Bill soundtrack, loud, to drown out the piped mood music. She kind of did the session in time to it, which was weird. Actually, the whole experience was a bit weird. She goes in for the PSE big-time. Lots of display of genitals, lots of touching and some DATY (which was offered up in a really unusual way, that I can't describe very well) and panting and cat noises. She used hot oil (nice) and the back massage featured lots of bum crack work and bodysliding (very vigorous style) including squatting and rubbing her pussy all over me. Pretty wild. She wears heaps of jewellry on her neck, hands and wrists and I seriously thought she was going to nick me with it.


The tug was very good, loads of oil and a great action. Plenty of pussy rubbing (that cat's shaved, by the way). A really good finish. But...


Look. Either you like the PSE or you don't. In this case, I found it weird and the other aspects (loud music, cat noises, sharp jewellry) only made it more bizarre. I'm more a GFE man. I'd give her: Looks 6/10; Body 7/10; Service 7.5/10, Manner 6/10; overall; 7/10, but I'm not going back.


Advice for new players: she's not for you.


Cheers, TA




[in answer to Princely comment:]


es, Princely,


She certainly has a wild, raunchy style all her own. It'll suit the more adventurous blokes, but I'm a bit of a coward when it comes to the full-on porn-style work. I prefer the gentle coax to the lasso and hog-tie approach. While I'm here, I'll try to describe the DATY position. I was sitting up and she was sitting facing me, she lay backwards and thrust her shoulders under and her arse upwards to bring the whole kit and kaboodle up to my face. She balanced on her shoulders with her elbows supporting her. Hips swivelling and legs opening and closing around my head. Good stuff. Only spoiled by some overacting (well I think it was overacting) on her part. I mean I'm good, but I'm not that good.


Keep the faith, TA



[And later]


Hi all,


A funny Leslie story for you. Last week I was waiting to see Monique at Bodilinx and Leslie flounced past to go into a booking. About five minutes later the receptionist, Jill (who's good for a yarn, incidently) and myself could clearly hear Leslie's cries of passion. Jill gave me this long-suffering look, shook her head and muttered, "Great, there goes fuckin' Leslie", then put her hands over her ears and got back to her roster work. As I suspected, I think ol' Leslie might bung it on a little.


Cheers, TA






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