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Guys who love watching multiple orgasms.....



So I have been experimenting with a new partner and have discovered the gift - and that it is - of multiple orgasms without penetration. I am able to orgasm through nipple stimulation alone, and once highly aroused, can orgasm this way over and over again. My partner gets so turned on by watching and feeling those orgasms (guys a lady's orgasm can often be felt if you place a finger on the perineum) and when he can't handle it anymore he pumps me hard and peaks so quickly and strongly. Such a turn on. So I'm wondering how do I find one or two special male clients who get turned on by this type of experience and want to play?


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That is very interesting. Intense nipple play can bring many to orgasm and it can be felt by the tip of a penis resting on the perineum as well.

Placed there for a quick entyr. lol

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It is pretty mind blowing and makes for an incredibly erotic and intense session for both...


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Well you could write a BLOG about it and respond in a flirty way to everyone that shows an interest.


Oh wait. What?



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I love seeing a female orgasm again and again especially it is me who make her cum.

My partner gets orgasms by just being rubbed on her nipples - with my hands and mouth!

I also get aroused when I do sensual massage to my female clients and give them happy endings. It turns me on sooo much that I don't really need penetration.

Would you like to try experiencing this?

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