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First week in escort industry,..



It's my very first shift & I'm nervous, and I'm quiet but smile to the other girls while I mentally and physically prepare for my shift as I play dress up in front of the mirror. I fuss nervously for 2 hrs over Hair, makeup, lingerie, nails, dress, etc. I'm told I must never leave the office without looking my best while wearing a smile & stay up stockings (which can be purchased at $25 from the admin ladies-expensive). I choose a quiet night to start (tuesday 5pm -1am) while I've been given a basic introduction,..I'll have to just learn as I go about various procedures like credit cards, check in processes & other various admin type duties,..and just hope that I adjust fast and don't make mistakes. I'm applying my make up as usual,..when I finish I realise that I will have to adjust it slightly, but I still had applied for a club environment where the lights are darker. Im told that I need to carry a vibrator with me, & it's at that time I realise I've made a very rookie mistake of forgetting condoms & lube! Oh well, I can buy those for $10 in a 10 pack with lube at the office also, but I must remember to be equipped. My first day was slow, very slow I actually got no jobs at all, but I'm assured that it may take a while to get known & that they want to pair me up with a client that suits,..& this makes sense as they know im new to the industry & the other girls also confirm my private thoughts that they will be trying to make my first experience a good one. Im a bit worried that they haven't gotten the chance to know my personality, so I try to be a little more chatty and relaxed to help them get to see my personality better while i wait. I get to know the girls & listen to their advice. The adult industry has a 'buddy' system for newcomers, its common to get your advice at a relaxed pace in casual conversation from another girl you click with. Im usually shy at first but the it's easy to relax around girls in the adult industry. I love the commeraderie in the industry, its a sexy girly environment of fashion, beauty, sex, and perfectly showcases girly sisterhood in a city life style. I learn I can also have an opportuntity for a photoshoot for head shots for the Internet site tommorrow, so I go home, more informed & better prepared for tommorrow.


Wednesday. Its 3pm & I get ready for the photoshoot before I start my shift & have my photo taken. Two hours pas since I arrived got ready & had my photo shoot, when I realise that I can't work for a few days cos it's that time of the month. I have an option of using a sponge but unconfortable with that, I choose to just go home. I feel awkward to tell admin that I have to go & they say that's fine they "can't force me to stay if i dont want to, go home if you want thats ok we understand no problem". Although i get a feeling they were suprised that I had never even seen a sponge before, so they gave me one anyway to show me what they are. It looks like a make up applicator for liquid foundation, prepacked in individual foil packages. I take it and plan to use it for my make up one day. I do a few shifts at the strip club and the money is ok and I feel the universe is fucking with me, as soon as I plan to leave, the money gets better- typical huh?! But I put it down to the spring racing carnival & warm weather & hot chicks dressed to the 9's that are now a common sight in the city.


Sunday I text my hours & they say they have a pre booking for me & another girl. Im exited but even if i could go & have fun with another girl, Im still just going to wait-just in case. I want to be confident on my first booking & while it's ideal to go along with another girl (and fun) I pass it up & curse mother nature.

Monday. I start back on quiet day again arriving at 12pm. "hi honey" -they are always very friendly and they make me feel welcome. "Hi darling how are you? we have a booking for you please get ready", "I'm ready" I say. The admin lady looks at my jeans and says you can't wear jeans,.."I know,..I just need to take off my jeans as I did my hair & make-up at home & wore my dress in with jeans so I'm ready to go straight away." She seems impressed,.. & I'm happy to hear I have about 50 mins until its time to go. I curl my hair with the extra time & chat with the girls while I fiddle with my appearance like a teen on a first date. I speak with a girl my age & she's so nice, she has been here's few months & she's hot friendly & talks about how we have the same hair curler -exept she left hers here & can't find it now,..I'm hoping she doesn't think in using hers- this happens a lot, lots of girls & lots of make-up,..I'm happy to point out that I have a peg on mine,.but I think I might just put nail polish on it from now I think to myself- she practicly reads my mind & says the same thing. "don't leave your stuff, it's usually ok but you never know." I understand this,..I'm happy to chat with her adage is very nice, but I start to get more nervous as the time elapses,..& she starts to give me a quick rundown of what to do as we play around with our clothes, make up & hair in the mirror. "I always initiate contact" she says as she touches my thigh & arms while up close and I'm captivated & can't breath at how sexy she is. And she only touched me a moment. I realise everytime I get a glance of what the client experiences just how captivating women can be,.and I feel almost powerless & I want to give her my paycheck & show off how I can a benefit to her life. Then,..I snap out of it and my hearing volume increases as she continues on talking & I try to look like I wasn't just really turned on. "..always call the office when you arrive & have the money & let them know everything's ok,..don't leave your bag & $ around, if you shower take it with you cos it's just smart,.but don't make it obvious, or cling to it like their a possible thief, just protect yourself... be realistic & be yourself, have fun, & pamper them..etc" she continues on,...'do you have credit card slips? This is how I do the card transaction', and she shows me how to get the print from my Medicare card as an example & she gives me a bunch of business cards & suggests I write my name on them. I'm ready to go,..I jump in the car & Im really quiet,..I imagine myself being busted by someone I know & think of what I could do to avoid possible embarrassment of my secret getting out & travelling to the small town that I come from & then not being able to attend my high school reunion. I could only come up with a few scenarios as Im driven closer to the booking while the driver notices my quite & very nervous state,..either I knock them out and prey to the concussion gods that they lose the last 20 mins of their memory without any real injury,..or that I get them so drunk they forget? Wow! Now I'm really nervous! "omg! I'm so nervous!" I tell him I'm a dancer but I'm trying this out & I'm now regret not drinking at 11am on a Monday. He says his been around a few months,..& talks about himself as I listen. We get closer & I say outloud,.."I should have had a drink to relax,.." he says I'm in luck & that he has a cider in his car somewhere,..I drink it with a few mins to arrive & I'm now just nervous I smell like cider so I have some mouthwash. I get there and a guy is pulling up at the same time & I see him walk in to the house & meet his other young friend,.i just breath out the last of my nerves as I tell the driver I'm not comfortable there is 2 guys there, but I'm told his friend will leave & so I step out the car, and confidently walk to the door. The door opens & I'm told I'm early by 1hr, that he has company arriving now, & points to his friend. "no problem- ill see you in an hour, sorry about that!" I jump in the car & I think it's my appearance, while the driver calls the office I think again that the universe is just providing its cosmic bullshit to deter me from being an escort, or that he doesn't like me or that it's just a communication problem, or they sent me out early to make sure that i can be replaced if I chicken out. Im assured by the driver that it's a communication problem & that I look fine. (I know I do, but some guys don't like tall size 8 blondes). I get a bad vibe from him but I put it down to nerves. I decide that he semed arrogant, but remind myself of my nerves once again. We decide to go to a place to kill time & I'm hoping to have a drink but no liscened venue is open so I get 2 drinks & we sit and chat & eventually we are laughfing & I'm more relaxed. I laughf at the fact I'm in such a bizarre situation -waiting in a car with a guy I just met while having a drink before 5pm on the side of the road with commission flats in my visual view. I remind myself that it's my first job, & I find humour in my predicament to overcome being in a morally compromising situation. Life isn't perfect. That's the beauty of it. I go back to the house & the young middle eastern clients friend has left & I walk in smiling & relaxed. I see the place is small & looks like a bachelor pad for a trade but he doesn't fit the trade look. I learn later from another girl that it's not his place. I kiss him on the checks & he seems arrogantly moral about his actions as though he didn't call an escort- but he did. I casually go on being polite & appropriate to the situation while remembering the words from the girl I spoke with earlier "..always initiate contact." I put my hand on his leg & he smiles but still reserved emotionally he points out the money & says $xxx ammount. Im discouraged to see its $50 less than what the office tells me & I tell him that I was told its $50 more. "no" "they tell me this, I see them all the time & I always pay this ammount." I've forgotten to call the agency, but when I do call 20 mins late I don't mention the money difference. I explain his my first client & I'm usually a dancer and that I'm going back to uni next year. He was rude. Judgemental. And lectured me. And he talked about my bad choices. He tells me he doesn't want to have sex as though he is letting me down,..I don't care to please a jerk anyway & while he thinks I'm dissappointed, I'm sighing relief in my head when he says "but I will go in the bedroom & I'm happy to relieve myself & can touch yourself & we can talk dirty". He then rolls a massive joint & I am nervous that i have not smoked pot for a long time but will make it more comfortable while he makes comments around my choices in life...& so I have a few drags & im not fussed by his opinion on morals cos the hypocracy is obvious, but i act like his right & that im wrong. I want to walk out & he tells me to stay, Im new to the escort industry but I know a jerk when I see & hear one. And..sure,..so I stay & he talks about a fantasy while I'm aware that I'm still acting like a stripper & dancing while he talks dirty about his fantasy of his GF going mental to his friend while being fucked by a much bigger dick. I'm glad to leave & early, I tell him I'm not going to do this anymore & I mean it! I was now stoned & probably had a reading of .05 and upset while I drive off in heels & cocktail dress around lunch time with a driver while relaying to him how much of a jerk he was. I'm told another girl walked out, & he has had bad reviews by other girls. He tells me that usually they give the nice guy as a first client or get her to go on a double booking if possible, which i already had known about, but then he said "maybe they are seeing if you can handle it? So, I'm upset, I'm stoned & paranoid that i just failed a test miserably,..I feel awkward. (& I've got the munches bad)! Anyway, I practice what I will say to the office during the ride home, but when I get back & walk in they are talking to me about how I've got to go get a signature from a client cos the girl that saw him forgot,..and I'm rushed back out with only getting enough time to tell them that he was a jerk. "did he have a spliff? The admin lady asked, & I said yes, I had a few drags, & now I'm hungry,..she laughs & sends me on my way by answering the phone & I don't get to speak now as I have to go,..so,.i go jump back in the car & look at the same driver and he laughed & said "what happened to your speech about how this is not for you?" I laughf, and say I'll tell them when I get back, I tell him "I walked in and then I had to go & now I have to go get a credit card slip & I don't know where I'm going & I don't even know if I'm getting paid for this,..do you ? "nah" he says. We drive for a while in silence as I think to myself that I've just failed a test & that I'm in a car with some guy going somewhere I don't know to do an errand that I don't even know if I'm getting paid to do,..when the image of the office lady pops in my head as I recall her talking me through how to do a credit card slip and I recall her vividly saying "just do it where ever you can; on the bonnet of the car or anything hard,.." and I start laughfing about this bizarre day I've had, made even more comical by my stoned state of mind & I get the giggles & now everything's funny. We pull up and I'm glad the client had cash so I didn't have to jump out & swipe a credit card slip on the bonnet of a guys car while on this weird stoned bizarre little journey I had managed to have all before 3pm. We roll up & grab cash,.."I feel like a drug dealer! Just roll up & take his $ through the window!" lol! Yes. I had the giggles & I spend the rest of the trip back pepping myself up to confess that I failed their imaginary test & "thanks for the opportunity but this isn't for me". I get back and I feel hungry,..i hand them the money & they are busy so ill wait & I get some food and I take it back to the office & then ill tell them. So, as I walk in I'm told I have another job,..I have a mouthful of food & and so before I can give my speech I'm told it's for 10 mins time & to get ready,..I don't think very well in my delusional stoned state exept that I'm hungry & that maybe I can pass the test this time, or that maybe I already have passed cos I have another job!! (yes,.its silly & that's why it was funny- or maybe I just still had the giggles-either way,..I'd easily & blissfully by this stage now forgotten my speech & awful first client) with the help of my mood & I was not as hungry & I thought I'd just move past & re-assess the situation better with another client for comparison. Crown prom & my client was great! Just like most the strip club clients, he was nice, fun & respectful & he tipped well too! I had a great time, & I chose to stay at the escort agency for at least a few more shifts, I'm glad I stuck it out, and I'm happy to have more shifts since.

To sum up in all, the differences i noticed in just the first day was that your in your own once your out of the office & the drivers car, there are no rules on environment that are enforced and while this can be good, I'm worried about the types of environments I may walk into. For example, at a club there are rules about behaviour that are strictly enforced by management, bouncers & cameras and there are laws about these behaviours that can protect the girls. Walking into a persons world and having to fit that world and adjust your behaviour accordingly is a world away from the client walking into your environment and all it's systems in place set up to protect us. There is nobody to check they have not drank too much & tell them the must drink water or leave, nobody to tell them that they can't do coke on the counter or to stop them from being generally anti social or inappropriate. It's up to me and my understanding of people and how to handle different personalitys in different approaches without coming across as a bouncer. I feel it's hard to tell someone that they can't have a joint without me jeopardising loosing the client for reasons of them not feeling that we are having an experience together. I don't mind to party but like most, I dont want to party too hard or often & the escort industry is a private luxury to indulge in outside of general social structures that exist inside clubs, brothels & parlours. This is my main concearn. I have a feeling I will be touching on this in my next blog about my second week, and I hope I'm going to be able to learn fast & make sensible decisions. I don't smoke, but the fact I did is a concearn for me. If I find that the industry is too much for me I will have to leave cos my health is much more a priority than the money, & I can see how a small decision can creep up & become a problem. This is a very socialy relaxed work environment built on celebratory luxury & a balance can be met but I still see issues arising from the lax of protection that escorting has in comparison to clubs & parlours etc.


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Great read, indeed. Please keep posting and I hope things will work out well for you :-)

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wow, thanks for sharing a very raw and honest account.


Finding boundaries you are comfortable with is always a challenge and its extra tough when someone know you are new and takes advantage of it.


Hope in whatever you do it works out.

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A most enlightening read. Here's hoping you see far more Sir Second's than Mr First's.  Preferably none of the latter, truth told.

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Great read Sarah - raw, honest, engaging. Hope things work out for you and you only see dicks not dickheads :)

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A fantastic piece of writing. Keep it up. This will be the foundation for a bestseller one day.

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Thanks guys I'm off to

Sydney 19/3/14 for 2wks to try brothel work,....sounds like a nice place and I have a girlfriend up there and she is super hot!! Stellettoes is where I will be working I think,..and private escort work also :)


sexy Sarah



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