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Bodilinx (later at Barabings then Bodyline)- 25/3/07 - Monique (fully restored raunchy version)

Trouser Area


Hi everyone. I agonised over this review. Sometimes I find a girl who I want to keep all to myself. I used to post on AE, where the lurkers were like flies at a BBQ. In a couple of cases (Cindy, Ginger and Ashley at Bodyline, who hadn't been reviewed before on that forum) I initially held back reviewing on a selfish impulse, but logic always prevailed as it does now. To review favourably is to encourage custom for the lady and thus, her likelihood of staying in the job, which benefits me. This is the natural conclusion when one considers that the reason to review bad service harshly is to force an improvement or an exit. Anyhow, the rush that a good review causes is only ever temporary, as punters are of a type who like frequent change.


The final consideration was that she'd already been reviewed twice by Uther Pendragon on this forum, this time last year (during the great Nadia frenzy of 2006). I'm pretty sure it's the same lass from his description of the service, but he felt she was of Southern European background, where I think Monique's heritage might be India or thereabouts, but I don't know for sure. She was clearly born in Australia, by her Oz accent. Right then.


I begin with a reading from the gospel according to Spinal Tap: St Hubbins XI:3:


"....I met her on Monday, it was my lucky bun-day, you know what I mean. I love her each weekday, each velvety cheek-day, you know what I mean.........the bigger the cushion the sweeter the pushin' or so I have read.........big bottom drive me out of my mind. How could I leave this behind". Thus endeth the lesson.



I rang Blinx on Monday thinking Charlie might need a return visit. The receptionist said she is away for a fortnight. Bummer! I asked who was there today and was told Bianca, Louise and Monique. Monique! I think I'd read a good review of her a long time back. Someone else had talked favourably about Louise too. In I go.


I'm led to the front room and sat down to await my fate. Knock knock; in walks the girl of my dreams. A dusky skinned beauty of about 30 with a lovely smile. It's Monique. She gently squats in front of me, puts her hand on my knee and describes her service. I hear nothing. I'm completely giddy with lust for her shiny, coal-black, long hair and her well upholstered thighs and bottom barely hidden by a tiny dress (size 12+). She catches me looking as she walks out and with a swing of her magnificent hips, smiles and says, "See you soon". She knew she had me.


The other two ladies were older (35-40 or more). Bianca has enormous natural tits and is blonde, Louise was a lean lady who said she liked to be cheeky. I'm sorry Bianca and Louise, you had no chance. Every atom of my being was screaming "Mon-ique, Mon-ique, Moni-que" in a deafening chorus.


The hour session was amazing and words fail me. All I can do is give a few impressions and images that I can't get out of my head. They keep coming back to me and tormenting me. I won't rest until I can see her again. This woman knows what men like. She doesn't need to ask and the talk between us may have amounted to a total of 50 words:


She comes back into the room while I'm still in the shower and as I come out into the room, there she is kneeling naked at the end of the table, gently tossing a bottle of oil from hand to hand with a knowing smile. It puts me in mind of a fast bowler tossing the ball in the same way at the top of his run, with a look that says, "this next one is a wicket ball".


She does a wonderful oily bodyslide with her lovely thighs and pussy. She licks my back, bottom and thighs and running her tongue under to my balls.


She lies on my back, on her back with her legs spread, masturbating so I can see in the mirror.


She whispers, asking if I'd like to give her a massage and I'm soon covering her in oil and running my hands over her warm, brown flesh. The sight of her beautiful oily plush thighs and arse is one to remember. She lifts her hips to encourage my massaging of her pussy and I find it delightfully wet. I place my face betwen her thighs and I'm engulfed in warmth and wetness. As I lick, she reaches back to widen her snatch and I lick her fingers and she moans. It's too much. She begins to push against me and pants. Soon she comes with a big shaking spasm and the wetness is wonderful. She turns over and kisses me deeply . She's a lovely kisser.


She lays me back on the table and slides her body all over me, running her thighs and pussy over my aching knob. She sits on my cock with her back to me and I have a wonderful view of broad, muscular shoulders and hips and arse as my tool slides against her slippery vulva. She then sits up and mashes her snatch onto my cock and grinds it. I'm sure that it's going to go in, but she keeps control. I'm beginning to get to point of no return so she stops and lays beside me and kisses me while she gently strokes my tool.


She smiles to tell me it's time to finish. She gently hand-coaxes me to the finest, strongest orgasm I've ever had. She whispers afterwards, "I thought we'd lost you for a minute".


I like this girl. I WILL see her again. She's Bodyline Cindy at her best, she's Bodyline Ashley's warm, intense service with the gorgeousness of Bodyline Nadia. She has Bodyline Zoe's confident, frank sexuality, Bodyline Ginger's responsiveness and Bodilinx Charlie's knowledge of the mind of man.


I seems brutal to tag her with a numerical score, but I can't find one reason to give less than a perfect one.


I take a deep sigh. Both out of relief that my memories are permanently recorded, but also out of resignation, knowing that my memories are no longer my own and that I may just have condemned myself to never being able to book Monique again.


Lurkers be warned. YOUR LIVES ARE IN PERIL if you prevent me from seeing Monique again.


That is all, TA


PS - By the way, from what I can remember of her intro, I'm pretty sure that Monique said she doesn't offer BJs of any kind. Also, I expect if FS was on offer, she would have taken me there the other day, I'd say it definitely isn't.


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