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La Casa de Nana - 31/10/05 - Natalia & Kathya



And like all good things, my visits to Nana's came to an end... last night.


I had thought of something a bit different as a farewell since the "completo" was turning into something too much of a routine (that I'll dearly miss soon but for the time being... you know)


Some girls had mention the possibility of doing a double (or triple), and despite I don't think group sex is for me, I've never done it and these prices are the right ones for a no risk test. Unfortunately, some of the girls weren't on and it became a bit tricky to organise.


So, as promised to her, I booked Natalia again to say bye (in that interactive way of saying goodbye!). As today is halloween, she had ballons, masks, decorations... she had transformed her room into a halloween theme. I was in a silly mood, joking around... so sex became somewhat secondary (we did it anyway, though I stayed away from her butt)... great time anyway.


After Natalia, I was ready to leave when I saw a new girl, a young, petite, Linda Fiorentino lookalike, and couldn't help myself so I booked her for 30 minutes. No Greek, but she came close to a BBBJ (without going all the way, just teasing a bit)... that sent me back in shape. Then we finished doggy style. Her name is Kathya and she was a bit more of a performer (as in actress) than the previous girls but very enjoyable anyway.


And so, my friends, this is the end of my reports on La Casa de Nana. Chances are I'll keep a low profile now until I'm back in Australia. I hope you have enjoyed these reviews and that they help you if you ever come this way.



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