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Hellos again,


This idea of writing about sexting, amongst other blog entries I have in mind. Came up during a conversation in a PP chat room. After someone came in and told me, hey Nayla, I really liked your blog; you write like in a journalistic way, or some sort of thing like that. Anyhooo … I was like WOTF? He explained, very personal … Well that is the idea, I guess :P

So, we brainstormed for a while about possible ideas for my next entry. And all from a sudden this topic one popped up in my mind strongly. Why? Well, let’s say that I am a bit busted … I was sexting with someone for 1 hour and so … not that I checked on the time. Anyways, it doesn’t matter how I know it.


Personally I am a shy lady, very shy … people makes jokes of it because no one can tell that I am blushing. But honestly, working in the adult industry for a while (5 months) has boosted my ego and my shyness is there, somewhere. Sometimes I am even scared of me :rolleyes: (marketing myself).


So going to what matters , sexting . What is sexting to you?

I looked up for sexting definition @ urbandictionary and it turns out to be “the act of text messaging someone in the hopes of having a sexual encounter with them later; initially casual, transitioning into highly suggestive and even sexually explicit”. Interesting definition hey? At least for me it was, as I would thought of something like a textual dirty talking.

Why sexting? For me for various reason, as they follow: improves my sexual communications skills (practice to dirty talking as I am not good at it), secondly I like to tease (or to pretend that I am doing it), thirdly I can express what I want and how I want (unfortunately is not always possible to express all in it), fifth I think it is building my sexual confidence (as I feel really confident in writing about things that I have experienced, and last but not least you get to know what your partner likes, and finally it creates the exact amount of sexual tension that you need for an encounter. I find this particular interesting, in long-term arranged bookings; sexual tension for me is different from expectation (I associate expectations very strongly to reviews, go figure why :unsure: ), but sexual tension, is about you having that person doing all of the described (actually more sometimes) actions that you have been describing to each other, to look forward to meet and be there with that someone (I am not talking about falling in love, no thanks), it is about having your breathe becoming heavier, your pussy wet and tighter at the thought of how delicious spending time with you partner will be. And for those who don’t have a pussy, sorry but I can’t describe how you would feel will all this sexual tension.


To create the right amount of sexual tension sexting doesn't need to be explicit, raunchy, PSE or XXX rated ... it can have just the minimum but essential information such as the little small things that turns you on like a kiss on your neck, a trimmed (and organized beard) caressing your back (not disclosing it all here) or to tell in which position, which angle, how many finger, where to place the tongue ... Well the tone of the language you use might also play a role.


Now looking back, I think there is a fine line between sexting and writing dirty ... maybe the tone, maybe more. Contributions?



I don't want to be toooooooo long, boring and exhaustive ... so I will try to just keep it straight and objective (just a plan)



Looking forward reading your feedback.


P.S: i know this is not funny as my previous postings, but hey ... Sometimes I am serious :P


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well the chatroom was a bit heated between a few of us last night wasnt it :P

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Only ever done it a couple of times with a lady who was a reg and I found it great for increasing sexual tension and was good raising naughty ideas. I don't find it common with WL and to be fair it would not be expected,that line between reasonable contact and a pest.

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Sexting seems a bit dull to me.


Also sometimes I'm a little crazy from work, and just another f*ckn SMS or email or phone call - can really get on my tits! The author of the sex't doesn't know this of course, so I try to be polite.


Maybe not the steamy response you wanted, but it's my honest opinion...

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Sexting seems a bit dull to me.


Maybe not the steamy response you wanted, but it's my honest opinion...


I love honesty, and to hear different points of views. All valid IMO

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I personally can see it may be fun but I wouldn't know how to find the time for all that sexting…. I rather be a doer than a talker . if I had the time tho defo!


 Bi Duo Lounge's Playmate x 

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Like you, I am naturally quite reserved in my sexual communication, although there is someone who has been sexting me quite a bit of late and I find that I am coming out of my shell. I now find that I am enjoying the activity, staying up far later than I plan to in order to participate in the hot and steamy banter.

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Nayla brought me out of my shell too.


I'm more of a PM or email type because I can use a computer and keyboard........phones SMS still too slow for me, takes me forever to write two lines. 


Same with chat.........I'm too slow at that when more more than 4 people are on.


But as Froggy said, a fine line between reasonable contact and a pest........I guess you have to read the lady for that.  Certainly some are quite clear and don't want it, others a little bit is OK......and others, well if you book Nayla up then you can discuss a lot of things not just sex and your meeting. 

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I now find that I am enjoying the activity,



a fine line between reasonable contact and a pest........I guess you have to read the lady for that.



@ Moc, the bottom line for me is that both parties enjoy it :wub:


I agree with you Nal, reading skills are required

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First did it via SMS with an ex back in 2006. Wish I could have her back

get her back :D

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Must admit I love getting my saucy texts throughout the day, often by the time I get home it's all too much and tea gets put on hold for an hour or so ;)


The double win is by then it's too late for him to cook so I get taken out for dinner aswel lol

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Must admit I love getting my saucy texts throughout the day, 


They are really cooool :wub:

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I feel I might be missing out on something. You know, I have never sexted or received one. Maybe I'm too old? I tend to text a lot, but always friendly "hellos" and short catch-ups etc, and send pics of the dog. Sorry that I haven't contributed to the discussion in any way Nayla. I'll have to work on a sext or two  I think.

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I feel I might be missing out on something.


Hahahaha, you might Play

You just need to find someone who is willing to try it; and it doesn't need to be via your cell phone you can use your email too :P

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