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V erry V erry G ood



Maul only writes reviews for people that are special to him.


So Maulie will tell a story about an exceptional lady who is V ery V ery G ood with just a touch of strange.

Well perhaps a big touch of strange but in a good way.


A story about a clandestine morning carnal assignation with a friend and a catch up on the happenings in our lives since we last met.


For me, Just the usual, older, fatter, uglier, shorter, poorer and generally on the downward slide.

My dinner dates and escapades shagging one particular sexy lady and my extra curricula naughtiness with those on the approved list.


For my friend, What she has been doing, where she has been, where she is at in her life, the black guy she sleeps with every chance she gets and her body image.

Fucking body image, it’s awesome, Perfect boobs, an arse to die for, flat abs of steel and a face that would sell magazines and a sexy red mane.


Somewhere in amongst the banter and the intrigue we found ourselves petting each other like trusted friends usually do in a casual sort of way.

There has been no loss of carnal talents and skills, be assured Maulie knows.


To open formalities, as I was required by the lore of the Dark side, I stated “I offered my honour”.

Recognizing the solemn ritual her response was “I honour your Offer”

Needless to say there was lot of honour and offer till I was fucked.


In memory of succumming to the evil power of a Lord of the Sith a photographic record was taken in the bathroom (a Sith Lord can only be photographed as a reflection in a mirror) only for the purpose of comedy relief while being forced to endure repetitive orgasms inflicted by FIGJAM super studs.


This lady friend is exceptionally easy to spend time with and the time flashes by in comfort and style.


Maulie looks forward to the next time he gets to experience the Glorified company of such a

V erry V erry G ood practitioner in the arts of sensual carnal depravity.




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Cryptic ........and a very special lady indeed, or so I've heard! :)


Dior xx

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