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Bodilinx - 24/07/07 - Bianca

Trouser Area


Hi everyone,


I've been out of punting action due to crazy work, but yesterday found me fancy-free and in the West. Tuesday is a Monique-day so I rang the 'Linx to book the Queen of RnT, only to be told that she has injured her back in a car accident and will be out for some time. Monique, if you read these forums, I hope you're OK and get well soon. I like you alot.


Damage control. I asked who else was on. Charlie, Zoe, Bianca and a new girl (forget her name, but the receptionista said she's similar to Monique in looks and about 22). I tried to book Charlie, but she was tied up till midday. Bum! I said I'd come in later and hung up. I rang Bodyline on the off chance that Ginger might be in, but was read a very uninspiring list of names and rang off. Over to Bodilinx went I and had an intro with Bianca and Zoe, but sadly not the new girl. Zoe didn't blow my skirt up in the intro, but a good intro and a good review clinched the deal with Bianca. I wanted an hour, but she only had a half available. Bugger. It was that sort of day.


Bianca is quite good looking, about 30-odd, long blonde hair with beautiful, lightly-tanned, smooth skin (notable) and an impressive all-natural bust. She'd be somewhere between 12-14 dress size and doesn't quite have the shape I prefer (ie; the broad hipped Monique style). Her norgs are very big to be sure, but have begun to lose the battle with gravity and are quite pendulous. I still had a nice time with them. She's a nice cheery lass and liked a chat, but knew when to stop. She offered "touching below" as a $20 extra and also vaguely offered "others". Given that I only had a half hour, I thought I'd see what the basic service was like and declined extras.


She gave a fine sensual and oily back massage with loads of bum crack stroking and reach-under and invited me to touch her bottom and soon I was "stroking the tabby" without any objection. She really is very smooth to touch. She had me well-wooded by turn over and her bodyslide was top notch and her hanging breasts felt fantastic dangling on both my cock and face (nipple sucking? No drama!). She kissed my neck tentatively but I didn't push my luck going for anything more. Her hand action was absolutely wonderful and she turned around to show me her pussy and groaned and moistened satisfactorily when I lightly massaged her there. I could hold back no more and had a nice big finish, with a couple of weeks' backlog blasting forth onto her breasts.


I liked Bianca alot. She's good at RnT and I think that becoming a regular or going for a longer session could be very worthwhile. She's a nice girl who puts you at ease and approaches her work with the right spirit. Ã couldn't rate her as highly as Charlie or Monique, especially after a short workout, but I'm guessing a return visit could see her in bronze medal contention.


Bless you Bianca, you turned what looked like being a write-off of a day into a nice morning of punting. See you next time.


Cheers, TA




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