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Tales from the semi-secret world of Trans punting.



Objective comments welcome. Hate will be reported. Questions or invitations for private discussion on topic ok.


* * *


Heard recently after happy sweaty coitus.


“I see myself as bisexual”


“No. You are straight”


“What about all the cocks that have been in my arse”?


“Ha. Rarely. And no, that is still straight. Just like a prostate massage. Not Gay.”


“What about the fact I like cock in there a lot better than a finger or dildo”


“Every man does. When he's drunk. Especially when he's drunk!!! God!”


“I'm sure most men would see me as bisexual if said I like cock”


“You only like women and Trans. You're straight! Easy!”


“Some of the Trans I have been with are fairly manly though, and I still had fun”


“Doesn't matter. They are women!”


Nervous giggle from me. She continues. “A man that likes women and Trans and doesn't like other men is straight. The cock and the arse are not important. You only like women!”


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Who are you Leela? I've never had a cock in my arse & dont have a desire for it but TS's, I do find interesting.

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Hey Bob, I've written several TS reviews in the NT Club folder - where I explain situations and how I react to them.


The reviews are not who I am I suppose - but it's who I was when i was writing the reviews :)

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For people that are open minded, and that are capable of seeing things differently, they will understand this. For the rest of our conservative friends who see things in black and white... if only they see what we see. 

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