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Bodilinx- 01/03/07 and an August '07 addendum - Charlie

Trouser Area


Hi All,


After many great reviews, I decided to give Charlie a go. It takes a bit to tempt me away from the 'line to the 'linx.


She's an amazing lady. Striking looks, with a statuesque body (Venus de Milo with arms) boasting curvy hips, perky B cup breasts and beautiful white skin. Very friendly, relaxed, sensual and affectionate. I opted for the hour and asked for a soft massage. She stroked and caressed me beautifully while I sat up. Then she lay me face down and kept caressing me all over. I love this kind of massage, (especially when the lady does it without talking) where it slowly builds from almost non-sexual to full-on erotic. Very intense.


She turned me over and cuddled and nuzzled me and began to gently stroke my tool and balls. She seemed to like my gentle stroking of her pussy and sucking her breasts. I absolutely love her hips. Them's real women hips, boys. Pretty soon I was at the point of no return and she finished me with a wonderful firm hand action. She really is fabulous. Interestingly, she used no oil or lotion at all except for at the finish.


To everyone who's recommended Charlie, I salute you. She's an all-round winner. Looks 8/10, Body 9/10, Massage 9/10, Manner 10/10. Overall, a solid 9/10. I'll be back. For you Bodyline regulars, she's up there with Cindy, Zoe and Ashley.


A comment on Bodylinx in general. I really like the warm reception you get here and the friendly, casual atmosphere. The cheaper hourly rate is nice bonus too. There's a bit less of the "get-em-in, fleece-em and get-em-out" that sometimes prevails at Bodyline, especially when they're busy and the less charming receptionists are on. I still bloody love it there, though.


Party on, TA






I finished a big week of RnT that saw some downs but definitely finished on an up. This is my second review of Charlie, and as there are also plenty by other chaps, I don't need to do the full description business.


I'm totally intrigued by this lass. There is something very "knowing" in the way she looks at you. She understands what makes us lads tick and that gives her confidence, which is a fine thing in a W/L. Theres no brutal commerce in a Charlie session. No horrid itemised extras price list. I simply give the receptionist an amount that requires change and when Charlie brings it back, I just say "please keep that" and the money's out of the way. You can try for something extra and she'll just indicate that it's not on by just moving away a little. There's none of this harsh "Oy mate, you haven't paid for that!" that I've had from others. She's a lovely gentle and sensual lass who also knows when to put some raunch into proceedings. Tonight I saw her towards the end of a double shift and she still had the enthusiasm, grace and charm as if I was the first client of the day. I'm searching for a word to sum her up: CLASS. Yes, that's it.


Cheers, TA


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