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From: Desires - January 2013 - Chelsea

Chelsea Desires


Chelsea caught my notice when I saw her in chat, which I still occasionally visit, clicked on her user and was met with a photo of a spunky redheaded girl with big brown eyes. She had a fun-loving cheeky vibe about her, which coupled with her Suicide Girl looks immediately grabbed my attention:




The exchange of a few PMs made it clear she also has some innate flicker of intelligence, which is always nice ^_^


I had planned to see Chelsea upon her return to work after the holidays, but upon ringing to book found she was delayed a few days. I received a PM tonight apologising for that delay, and decided to surprise her by showing up tonight. But, she was able to connect my 1am booking request with me, so knew who I was the moment she met me.


The premises at Brookvale were actually pretty nice compared to some other places I've been to! They're not run down or shabby. While waiting, I was bemused by the inclusion of a food magazine in amongst all the boys mags. Chelse came through the door after a while, and was polite enough to spend 10 minutes talking – clearly allowing me to decide if I wanted to proceed with the booking. I thought that was quite professional and struck me as showing a good customer service oriented attitude.


Of course I went ahead. She's cute. And fun! Boy is she fun! I told her no faking, and that I like dirty GFE, and when she said no natural services I said that's fine, that I hadn't asked or requested anything as I wanted to simply suss her out and see what happens between us. I was honestly looking forward to meeting, as something about her had me quite intrigued and attracted. We went into the room, and she fired up some rave tracks on her iPod.


I was quite taken aback by what happened next, as it has been quite a long time since a WG has smoothly taken charge of a session the way she did. Chelsea had me on my back, rubbed oil all over her breasts and my chest and man stake, and proceeded to give me a really nice body slide, R&T, and nipple biting. I was chattering along as we went, getting more and more distracted by this attention. She had me twitching in pleasure (which she liked LOL) pretty quickly, using her hands on my manstake and balls, spitting frequently, and occasionally just hovering as though she was going to pash me then pulling back after only allowing a bit of a taste. Nothing seemed scripted. Even I wasn't following my normal routine – I never did DATY, which is just about unheard of for me hahaha. Chelsea just played with me and drove me a bit batty, with a big smile on my face and a cheeky grin on her, clearly enjoying her effect on me. She rubbed against me, ground against my leg, then flipped into a RCG position and gave me a really nice view of her pert bum as she continued rubbing against me.


Hopping off, popping on a dom with her mouth, she gave a firm and enthusiastic bj, while massaging my balls. It was around this time I had a closer look, and fully appreciated she has a really nice body! Her breasts are a lovely size, she's nicely toned yet still soft, has hips to grab onto, nice legs and ankles to hold... and a gorgeous ass. OMG I was grabbing and kissing very happily as she continued the bj. I was hoping she'd swing over into 69, but I think she's not really into it a lot.


Saying we might as well have sex for a bit LOL, she hopped on top and rode me at a few different angles. I was startled at how HOT she felt inside as I entered. Oh happy days :D I rubbed her breasts, grabbed her hips, held her legs... I was just enjoying the whole thing and taking it all in. Chelsea is a cheeky cute girl with a very tasty body. I was... pretty happy with myself.


Hopping off, Chelsea sat astride me, draping her legs over my body and finished me off with a handjob over her lovely breasts. I just laid their giggling, just saying “you're so FUN!”, so happy over what had just happened. It was good I did my usual thing for an initial visit, of just seeing what happens naturally. She read me well, and did things to me I didn't even know I wanted.


I did have a lot of fun with her, and am looking forward to visiting again when I'm back from an upcoming big trip. She's quite intelligent, cheeky, forthright and down-to-Earth, and has a pretty sweet body with a tight grabbable butt. I'm happy! I asked if she'd like a review on my way out, saying I don't write many anymore but I'd be happy to if she'd like, and she said she'd appreciate it, so here you are guys.



Source: Desires - January 2013 - Chelsea


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