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Bodilinx - 06/02/08 - Mia

Trouser Area


Loyal readership:: Here's Trouser back again AND reviewing a new chick. What's going on?

TA: Laugh all you like. Deride my weakness, you callous fiends. But at least I've been able to reduce my punting from once a week to once a month. I'm mere flesh and blood, brothers, so please forgive this sin.

Loyal readership: Your flawed resolve is our gain. We forgive you only if the review is a good one.

TA: Thankyou, oh Gods of commercial intercourse.


Yeah, so I met up with an old pal on Thursday. The very same one who introduced me to Bodyline and thus, the sexual twilight zone that is RnT.

We have a bit of lunch and a beer or two and he suggests we "hit the old haunts". "I've given it away, mate". "Bullshit. Really?". A bit of banter later, I agree to come with him to see the intro and leave if I don't feel like it. The sharks close in.

We hit Bodyline and there are two girls introed. Tamara and Leslie. Leslie I know from Bodilinx and Tamara from a review by Paddles. My mate doesn't want the PSE of Leslie and doesn't fancy Tamara, so we pass and head to Bodilinx.

At Bodilinx, on my recommendation, my mate grabs Charlie straight away and I thank Mia the receptionist and ask if I can wait for more girls to intro. She looks kind of baffled and when I walk down to the front desk I realise why. The real receptionist is seated at the desk and it turns out that the girl beside me is a W/L. "Oh, I'm sorry", I say, "I thought you...." she interrupts "that's OK, I assumed the short dress was a giveaway, but perhaps I should have explained". I already like this nice, unassuming girl and my long standing fantasy of receptionist-turning-W/L has kinda come true. She gives me an inquiring look and I turn to the receptionist and book her for an hour.

Mia is a lovely small lass about mid to late twenties, with a fine tanned build (size 8) and long straight blonde hair. She has a very firm, neat little bottom and nice small natural breasts (B cup - just). She offered bodysliding, but I didn't go into extras, I simply couldn't be bothered.

I should say from the off, that she has magic hands and a delicate and exquisite touch. She began with a gentle oil massage (she offered gentle or firm) which was dreamy and introduced sly touches to inner thighs and bottom as she went. The massage became more and more overtly sexual and I soon had a real "diamond-cutter" on the go. Her bodysliding, her use of fingernails and her knowledge of where to touch and how to keep me on the edge without going over was amazing. She kept re-oiling my arse crack and running her hand along it and under to the tackle. Unbelievably nice. I turned over and gasped "that was gorgeous" and she said she was really pleased. And I actually think she was.

I gently stroked her pussy while she worked wonders on my front and she slowly worked me to a wonderful hand finish. She blushed when I said that she was truly wonderful and said she was glad. She gently covered me with a towel and left me to doze while she showered. I walked out that door a very happy, if not slightly remorseful, man.

Mia is a honey and she's so polite. She might be new to the game, by the way she's so eager to please and so genuinely pleased that she got it right. But her faultless and confident performance as a practitioner of old-school RnT argued experience. It should be noted that she also got merit badges from me for limiting the chit-chat to before and after the service and she didn't hound me for extras.

If I had intended to punt on, I'd have kept Mia to myself for a while until I'd seen her again. So you vultures be glad that I'm not. Do I dare put her in the same class as Cindy/Sienna (Bodyline/Barabings) or Gemma from Bodyline? Yes I do, and her style is similar to both. A numerical score? 9/10. Easy.

See youse later, TA

PS - My mate said Charlie rocked. Well of course she did!




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