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I am ready to talk ....



I am finally in a position to let people know what happen to me . This man raped me and he thought that just because I am a hooker he could get away with it . Well to all men out there No means No in any situation ...


He is an ........... Man in his early 40's . To talk to him over the phone he doesn't sound .......... , I was quite surprised when I met him . I had seen him probably close to a dozen times but in a parlour . This was our first and only private booking . During our bookings in the Palour he was always dominant quite caveman actually but respectful . But this time I believe all he wanted to do was to hurt me or even worse . This time there was none of the normal chit chat . He got me to my knees in the corner of the room and he face fucked me that hard he actually ripped chunks of my hair out , loosened 4 of my front teeth and busted my nose from hitting his pubic bone that hard . I tried to bite him but all that did was piss him off making him punch the side of my head over and over . He then to stop me from moving forced his foot in vagina tearIng me with his toe nails . By this time i was struggling to breathe . I was gagging and choking that hard I actually passed a bowel movement on the floor When he realised this he ripped me off his cock by my hair and rubbed my face in the bowel movement . It was only then his mood changed from Sadistic to remorseful . When he saw the state i was in all he could say was sorry I have had a bad day . I have been to the police and had him charged which makes me feel a little ... Paris xxx


I have let a couple of dear friends down over the last few weeks one more than any other . This really saddens me because I am crazy about the little keg , I told you I was ok and accepted a booking from you and cancelled last minute but truthfully I have really been struggling to process what happened to me . Please forgive this old duck .....


To all my fellow working ladies please be safe .....

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Due to the seriousness of this entry, and the fact that it may move to the justice, we are keeping this entry locked. Working girls may contact Paris privately for more info, should she be okay with providing it.

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