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Bodilinx - xx/7/09 - Kia

Trouser Area


Yeah, so I'm sitting at home a few weeks ago and the phone rings. It's a former teammate from my old sporting club (I'm not saying what sport because it's a bit of an identifier). He edges around a little and asks about work and life for a bit, then he comes out with it: "Trouser, we are going to have to give a walkover unless we can get three more blokes to play on Saturday". I reply, "Yeah, but I haven't played for ages and I'm retired". Then he says something that will live with me forever:

"I know you're retired, but that only means you're not a registered regular player, it doesn't mean you can't have the odd game here and there".

"Hmmm", I pondered, "Maybe you're right". So I didn't play on Saturday after all, but I did decide that it was OK to have a punt.


I went into Bodilinx on a Wednesday. I was in the area and saw a carpark directly out the front and decided it was meant to be.

Two lasses in the intro, Kia and another girl whose name senile decay prevents me from remembering. She seemed a nice class of girl, but had "New" written all over her, so I chose Kia and went the hour.

Kia is a pretty lass of something like mid twenties to early thirties. She has a lovely dark complexion and long black hair. Not tall, not short, about right and she'd be something in the vicinity of a dress size 10 (I am uselss as a judge of this as I only wear pants). Handy natural B-cuppers or thereabouts.

Kia has a friendly, relaxed and confident manner and she's to-the-point. She simply said that she'd give a slow and sensual massage, and that was good enough for me.

I didn't ask about extras. I asked for a gentle massage and away she went with a top-class back massage. She chatted pleasantly a little at the start, but soon settled into quiet, which I VERY MUCH LIKE. Loads of oil and a very good pressure and subtle sensual touches that alerted Trouser II that his presence was required. Kia stood in front of me and leaned over my back to massage my bum and back with her warm, smooth hip and the side of her body against my face. It was lovely and she smelled beautiful. Kia also does things with her finger nails that are absolutely fantastic. There was a move where she gently ran both hands' nails slowly down by back, over my bum and then they parted and ran along inside my thighs and all the way down to my feet. It's a good move.

She did lots of oily bodysliding and soon it was time to turn over. She oiled me up and did more fingernail work on my chest and belly and I was totally relaxed and feeling great. BUT, it was then that I remembered poor Trouser II. He'd been ready-to-rock earlier in the session, but now had lost his urge to finish, despite Kia's attentions with oil and magician's hands. I realised that this was down to a lack of practice and instead of lying there like a big passive jesse, I got back to the job at hand. I had a gentle play with her delightful oiled breasts and bottom (pussy touching appeared off limits, but I didn't ask or try very hard either) and with her expert handling and frontal bodysliding and spanish, we were back to the launch position. The orgasm was both big and sudden and caught us both by surprise. Fortunately for Kia, she was out of the way, but I was not so lucky and caught most of the issue under my chin. She got a bit of a laugh out of that and sportingly helped me clean myself off.

In summary, Kia is good at RnT. A fine, straight-forward girl with a straight-forward service. Someone else might have to investigate her extra services, but I can tell you that her basic service is excellent.


Anyway, I'm not intending to start playing actively and regularly again, and I'm definitely not going to go to training, but who am I to say "No" when the occasional opportunity arises, so consider this retirement intact.





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