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Real life intrudes on punting.



Prompted to write this as went very quite on both twitter and various punter forums - not long after the Brisbane birthday party.

Some noticed my absence - thank you - A mixture of things happened but basically real life intruded into the virtual one.


I had an elderly Aunty who lived in Brisbane that I used as a pretext to be in Brisbane on the night of PP celebrations. I planned this months in advanced, in fact checking with her family to much sure it was ok to visit. On the night of departure to Brisbane I received news that my Aunt had taken seriously ill and was unlikely to out the year. So I changed my plans for my Brisbane trip and spent a fair bit of time with my dying Aunt.


On the punting side I had a great time at the birthday party and got to meet some lovely ladies it was a great release from all the tension now surrounding my visit to brisbane. I also got to spend some time with Jodie Moore, she a lovely lady and certainly a lot of fun to be with. A review is in the works.


Upon my return from Brisbane it turned into a bit of a sad waiting game till my Aunt finally passed to a more peaceful place. Again another trip to Brisbane to say farewell.


All this made me think about mortality and the importance of the friends we have in life so spent a bit more time with family - school holidays also helped. Also some were in this got sick with one of the bugs going around at the time.


Karma is a funny thing I'd been meaning to see my Aunt for more than a year but the PP birthday made me actually put in the effort to get my arse to Brisbane if it wasn't for the PP birthday I would not have seen my Aunt before she passed away.


I've had punts since my return from Brisbane review in the works.

Romantics - Emma - older but rather wild - tells the odd fib to get you in the room.

Pleasure Planet - Layla - young - sets timer for every phase of the action.


Tomorrow off to punt again.


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My condolences for you Aunt.


I think the people we care about in life define us far more that the plans we make or the awards we strive for. Keep up the good work.

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Thank you for your thoughts Leela - been to see Vivian again. So still punting.

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