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Open Forum Madness





I want to have a bit of a rant about internet forum message boards here, though I want to start off by saying that Punter Planet is one of the more civilised message boards that I have ever posted on. Here the moderators do a good job in dealing with anything that is untoward.


Well recently I left another message board after 10 years of posting there after some rather unsavory activity. What happened was something that ended up snowballing. I wont say which one in particular other than it's a footy related one.


How it started was that in a thread similar to one on here in one of the "Off Topic" boards was a hot female celebrity on. Well anyway I chipped on once of Heidi Klum. The thing is was it was picture of her holding a baby goat. I posted it not thinking much else of it. Never occurred to me what would come next when these clowns paid more attention to the goat than Heidi. Well anyway when started out as a bit of stupidity of suggesting that I have a goat fixation to full on insinuations that I engage in bestiality.


It got to the point where I couldn't ask a sensible question without some dickhead making some flippant comment as what happened in one thread that a user started asking if he could marry his foreign girlfriend if she was on a tourist visa. I wanted to have my two cents worth on the subject asking if your bride to be was from the other side of the Tasman, which I wan genuinely curious about cause I'm taking my search for love to the whole of Australia and New Zealand (Basically cause I wouldn't mind getting out of Newcastle so I can get away from certain sections of my family) Well anyway this dickhead made a comment asking If I'd moved from goats to sheep.


Well anyway after a while of this bullshit I logged off and left the site for about 6 weeks hoping they'd eventually get bored with it. Well when I returned it started up again. What I found amusing was some were calling me the messiah and saying that my posts were pearls of wisdom. I now know how Brian of Nazareth felt, funny that Life of Brian is one of my favourite movies.


The thing is you'd think that the moderators would have acted on this stuff and deleted so call inappropriate postings, but no in fact if anything the moderators were just as culpable in this. One post I made was suggesting that one poster who was a moderator and the one whom I regarded the main offender I stated that I believed that they weren't fit to be a moderator. Well let's just say that that post got deleted and another moderator higher up the so called packing order sent me a PM saying that they deleted the post and telling me to "Pull my head in" Well my last post was saying them to practice what they preach. Plus I suggested that said moderator don't consider running for parliament cause they could end up like Kevin Baker.


Looking back on it it was stupid of me to bight back but I felt the need to defend myself because it's the sort of stuff that had they published it in the newspaper of any of the more traditional media outlets where you had to put your real name to, the posters would find themselves in the Supreme Court as I would be able to file a defamation suit against them.


What I find ironic is that when you register to post on these sites you tick that box saying you adhere to the rule. Some of which involve not posting anything sexually vulgar or defamatory. Well if accusing me of engaging in sexual activity with goats isn't both sexually vulgar or defamatory then I don't know what is.


One of the problems with social media being the anonymity. As somebody whom I believe to be a sensible poster I post on here as if was publishing it in the newspaper because I don't want to cause a stir. Which is why I haven't stated which board that was.


Okay Rant over.


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