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Survey proved more than I was expecting.



A few days ago I posted an Ad on a website asking a few questions regarding Escorts, the expectation men have and what their true desires are. I was shocked with the amount of quality emails i received to be completely honest. There were men out there who practically wrote me an essay, explaining what they look for in Escorts and described their past experiences to me. The information i have learned in the past few days I will keep with me for the rest of my life, not only when working as an Escort.

My reason for this blog was to address one email i received from a guy who was 25. After he answered my questions in a basic form, we got chatting about the psychology of it all and he was certain that men just wanted a good old fashion sneaky fuck with no strings attached. However, every man to reply to me with these essays proved to want anything BUT a sneaky fuck. They seeked something more than that, deeper than a cheap (expensive, actually) fuck.

Then this 25 year old guy replied saying "By the way, you mentioned all the replies you got from the men all stated they wanted the same thing. What do they want? Im curious."

This made me laugh so loud!

A man asking a woman, "what do men want?"..


I think it directly relates to age. Younger guys still just want to fuck girls without any emotion involved. They want to get their dick wet and feel like a champion. Older men however, they want connection and friendship with the added bonus of sex. Which is also directly the reason I dont have a boyfriend ;)


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Serena Vincente


I am looking forward to guys comments in here.


Serena x

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Of course we want that intimacy when we have a session. Let's face it you dont want a clinical and mechanical experience.

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Good for you, Dee.


I probably fit into the latter group and the worst thing that can happen to when I'm with a WL is that I detect she is not enjoying herself.


I'm paying BUT I'm still interested in her feelings.


I'm not surprised at your findings I'm amazed that some people are not aware of these realities.

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