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After nearly 3 1/2 yrs,..I now have 3 shifts left before I leave with both sadness & anticipation of what's to come!



I fell into lap-dancing & while it took me a while to appreciate the job,..I now leave with a memory of great times & only a few bad. My perception was the typical stereotype of a stripper,..but that quickly changed, just as the landscape of acceptance & views of understanding among the general public changed during my last 8 years in & out of the stripping scene. The girls were more educated & from uni than the 'druggie used tissues & daddie issues' view society once held, & while the girls got smarter, the men got more scarce in random of the changes to the fringe benefits tax. Mes gallery cook would be bored & angry if she had anything less than 100 meals a lunchtime on a weekday,..now the club pushes to deliver 15-20 a night! The once 'no touching' rule was watered down as the money vanished & once upon a time you were kicked out for touching a strippers butt,.. Now it's included & the price hasn't changed in 10 yrs,..but the house fee has increased to $60-$120 a night to work. The industry is dying & we have no unions to help us fight for our rights. This has created a move toward prostitution,..especially during the booming illegal rub & tug venues that popped up & also had a negative effect on the clubs. This is when I found club strip tease,.just befor the end of the illegal r&t era,..I left the clubs 5 yrs ago & I started normal work,..then, 1 &1/2 years after normal work thought I'd try CST,..iwas shocked to see the dramatic change,..i thought id be a dancer but at a more private venue where touching was allowed, between a club & r&t i saw it as.I was there for only months before the place changed & from the punters veiw of what has been dubbed "the old CST & the new CST" I stayed on while slot of others left,..& I'm glad I did. I found an area I was comfortable with truely between the differences of clubs & it's high public visability & the softer end of private one on one fun activity. I don't know where the scene of strip clubs is heading for us strippers,..but a lot have found a place in provate escorting where the choice & all the profit is yours just as is all the effort should reward. No managers & their cuts, uniform rules are payed out by the persona of the escort, & the choices, and preferences are up to the escort too,..rightly so,..cos we all know it's better that way. I hope to find my area in escort work & look forward to having all the choice & not need to make a manager rich in the process of my effort. I have more fun when I have more choice & control & therefore so do the punters. My aim is to have fun at work, keep my choices pressure free from pleasing management & to take back the industry from commercial bs that gets caught up between 2 people trying to fit each others needs happily & I hope that while I'm leaving the club scene, it can flourish with a union, & fair pay for girls. The pay is bad for the girls now,..& the industry will continue to die as a result, so please tip your local stripper,..or she may leave forever! Amanda, club strip tease. Last shift Friday 4th 10am- 5pm Sunday 6 october 12am - 7 pm 2013.

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From what I can see from your profile photo you will have the punters circling like a moth to a flame Sarah. You are gorgeous and its ladies like you that keep my play list growing longer and longer. Wish you all the best in your new endeavour.

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