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The next punt...



I guess I'm not writing in these in the proper review, as I'm new to the forum, and times and names escape me, but the experience hadn't.


I had started in a new role, and being interstate, Sydney, I had dinner with an itch that wasn't going to go away. Now I hadn't done it (punted) solo in a while, so was a bit apprehensive on what to do.


I googled around, found a place that looked the goods, Stiletto's, in Sydney. Caught a cab in (driver asked if I was going to a party, yeah sure, I'm going to a party) to the venue, and at the time, it was a house, ex house, terrace, something. Got let in, and sat in the front room while I waited for the girls. Some came in said "Hi" and walked out, some actually made a bit of conversation, but one caught my eye. To be honest, I can't remember her name, but I have a feeling with was Sara, or Samantha. Regardless, she came in, bubbly, wearing a short dress with stay up stockings, so we were three for three so far.


Made the booking for one and a half hours, and off we went to the room. Did the usual checks, shower, etc, then we jumped in the spa. We talked, fondled, talked, then got down to it. The timer went off, but I wasn't in a rush, so continued the booking for another hour. Then we really started getting into it. I'm a sucker for having the WL just ride me like someone trying to break in a bucking bronco (for all the horse lovers out there), and her kinky side came in, she grabbed my belt and put it around my neck. That didn't worry me, she rode me, held me down and we fucked like there was no tomorrow.






The hour was up, I was spent, so was my wallet. We showered together which was nice, and I stepped out lighter on my feet, with a smirk.


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