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The Retirement of PARIS the LEGEND



After a recent, well documented and violent incident blogged by Paris there were quite a few of us Punters keen to bring this woman’s confidence in men back. I heard from Cristal that Paris was interested in catching up, so with a quick email we arranged to meet at our usual motel.


We greeted as long lost friends but there was something in her sweet face that shone out to me when I saw her, she was radiating; (now Paris would call that Menopausal flushes) but this was something different.



As normal there was no long drawn out touchy feely but straight into the shower and then it happened. Long kisses, hugging, arms around me tightly, not letting go until the motel shower was going cold,(now that was at least half an hour) no words spoken at all between us and the penny started dropping for me.



This “old duck” is saying goodbye!


I raised this and her ear to ear smile to me confirmed this and I must say I filled with a warm glow of happiness for her.


We retired to the bedroom and even the sex was on a different plane. It was hard to wipe the smile from her dial….this woman was totally in love.


The PARIS persona was about to be retired and ****** (real name) was packing up and leaving the state to start a new life and you know something, I couldn’t have been happier for her.


She says she probably has had over 100,000 encounters since entering the business but only a few are being given the “goodbye” treatment. After the recent encounter she has decided to pull up her panties for good, take her two children and her new man and start a new life in her home state.


We have only been together about 6 times over the years but it feels like we have always known each other. I know there are many other Punters who have felt the same way about the Legend called PARIS.


When I first met her in December 2011 at the Oasis it was only my second newbie punt and in a brothel as well. It was like winning the Gold Ticket in a Wonka Bar, such was this woman’s popularity and booking schedule.

Punters like Old Man, Ruprect, LaCucaracha, Charlie, Brok-her just to name a few, would hold ***** in the highest esteem. Her exploits and her tag teams with Kelly Raines, Cristal Hotbabe, Paige to name just a few, are what has made her a true Legend of the game. She has kept Brothels in the black, just by working there.


Yet she has never spoken badly about any other Working Lady in my presence and has always been a very genuine person who has gone through well documented health problems/divorce/child issues and always come back smiling. Her advice given to those who asked for it was like the wisdom of the great sage.


I could go on and on about the Legend called PARIS.


As ****** stood at the door to leave, she turned and we kissed one last time.


I told her to Fuck Off and I never wanted to see PARIS again. She smiled and said ”Right back at ya”

PARIS might be being shelved but ****** now moves to a new life with a lot of Punters blessings.




You let me post this goodbye, so thank you on behalf of all my brother Punters, just for being you…….



Now fuck off for ever PARIS (with our heart felt good wishes.)


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All the best Paris , shame we were unable to have it final encounter with miss ch all the best for the future



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All the very best Paris and Clandestine excellent thread I just can't add anymore except I am happy for you Paris I had amazing sessions with you good luck ski-skippy as some call me I don't care just glad I had the pleasure of meeting Paris

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That's great news for Paris ! , really happy for her . She deserves true happiness in her life . May run into her at a crows game one day , just a nice smile or slight grin if appropriate . Good onya Paris . Mav

Thanks for the announcement too Clandestine .

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Well said, Clandestine.


The selfish me is devastated... But like you said, she's a great lady, and deserves all the best.

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Never had the pleasure but the legend will go down in hall of fame of wls


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aw Paris! Such a legend! Such a lady! Such a wonderful human being !!


You will be missed in the industry... but ******* needs to shine now & be happy :)


Love your guts babe xxxx

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I've been lots of places in this world but I've never been in Paris.


To a sweet sweet lady, fare-thee-well.


May the good Lord smile upon you and not let you pass away until next we meet - Norman Gunston.

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It's a shame to see you go, Paris, but if moving onto the next chapter of your life makes you happy, then I'm happy for you and wish you nothing but the best. While I never got to see you nearly as often as I would've liked, at least we ended things in a big way with Cristal and that hotel room. ;)


Yours sincerely,

Mother Fucker Xx

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:) I wish you all the best in the world, may your life be blessed and I will never forget such an amazing woman.
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Happy retirement, all my love and heaps of hugs and kisses. If all that Clandy has said is correct, and you are truly happy, I'm prepared to finally let you leave the confines of my heart old girl. Stay in touch.

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Well Paris, we never did get to meet - my loss for sure! Good luck in your new life - Enjoy & be happy!!!!!

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I'm devastated (selfish bastard that I am).

While I only enjoyed Paris o few times, she will always be with me.

Paris, if you see this. you are AWESOME!!!! and I'm a better man for the experience.


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I only met you briefly Paris, but heard sooooooo much about you through mutual friends.  I hope love and happiness fills your life from now on.  You will be missed by many.... you are a true lady. xxx

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Gutted at the news - but sooooooo happy for her. Love you Paris...may your god go with you. xxx

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I'm so happy for Paris.... an amazing human, with an amazing life ahead of her...

I will miss you Paris. Happy retirement.


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