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Bodyline 30/3/07 and Bodilinx - 19/6/10 - Megan

Trouser Area


Bodyline 30/3/07


Hi All,


After many good reviews and a few failed attempts, I went into Bodyline and finally booked Megan for an hour.


She's a quite tall, blonde Oz girl with a great body and beautiful smooth skin, about size 10 (she's put on weight lately due to the fact that, as she put it, "if I'm not working, all I do is fuckin' eat in this place, man"). She's 22 (it's been a while since I had 22 year old B-cup breasts in my hands. God, they're fantastic), and has alot of youthful enthusiasm. She's diabolically cute, in a natural girl-next-door way. I love the way she swears all the time. I don't think she can utter a sentence without the words "fuckin'", "mate" or "man" in it. Really funny. I made her laugh about something and she has the best guffawing laugh. "That's fuckin' funny, man", said she.


She uses lotion (at one point she ran out of it,"I'll have to fuckin' get more, this is nearlly fuckin' empty, mate") and gives a really top notch therapeutic massage. Her work on my neck was sublime. She tipped me over and did the signature move that she's famous for. Astride you with her pussy hard up against the shaft of your cock. Lots of grinding and those tits-made-in-heaven in my mouth. She really gets into it. She moved up so I could see her perfect puss and get better access to her bottom. She got nicely wet and I was allowed a gentle massage. Then back to the pussy/shaft rubbing and soon I was finished. Anyway, she hopped off and had a bit of a clean up, then more back massage and swearing.


Alright then. I really like Megan and her body is really lovely. I haven't been with a W/L under 25 for a long while and there is something special about seeing and feeling a body that hasn't begun to lose the fight against gravity. Having said that, I found that she lacked the experience that's needed to make a good W/L great. The massage was good, but didn't build up slowly into the sexual phase. There was just a sudden change from non-sexual to sexual, then back again. I also reckon I paid $30 for extras that most girls would class as standard.


She's a great girl and fun to be with and I'd probably go back (though she's not in my top five). It's easy to like a girl who can describe something as being "fuckin' fucked" without any malice whatsoever.


Looks 10/10, body 10/10, service 7/10, manner 8/10. Overall 8/10.


Fuckin' great, man. TA



Bodilinx - 19/6/10


Hi All,

I happened to stop by Bodilinx last night and found Megan the only girl available. I hadn't seen her since a session back in 2007 at Bodyline: She's still a great girl and still swears like a trooper, which I find amusing and charming, in an odd way. Her opening remark was, :" Isn't it fucking cold, Man!"

She has a fantastic, lightly tanned, sleek and smooth body with lovely B-cup breasts. A bottom to die for. She gave me a very good (much needed) firm massage, then tipped me over and began the sexual part. I was offered extras for $40, which were oral and tit and pussy touching and kissing. She did some great, sensual ball licking and sat astride me and rubbed a well-oiled pussy into my belly, while I reached around for some manual stimulation of the feline. Unfortunately I came pretty fast when she turned around for a reverse bodyslide, pushing her beautiful puss into view and rubbed herself on my tool. I couldn't hold on under such treatment, especially as it's the first time I've been for a punt in ages. That was OK, I'd only booked for 3/4 of an hour anyway. She followed up with a great back massage and all in all, she made an old man happy.

I still like Megan alot. She's DTE and a little rough-round-the-edges, which I like. Last night she was a little quiet (last time I saw her she talked much more), and seemed kind of reflective. But her mood suited mine and she gave me exactly what I needed.

She's a lovely young lady. TA


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