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ideas please !

miss Paige


Hey everyone just wondering what is the normal amount of hours or how many days per week should i be doing in this industry help. !!?


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It depends what you want. If you want this to be a hobby that generates some income, one-two hours per fortnight. If you want this to be your full time job, 10-15 hours per week in session with about the same doing marketing.

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How much $$$ do you need?


Build up a clientele, workout your monthly requirements and then you decide.

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Hi Miss Lou Lou

I'm sure I'll get shouted down for this opinion, but my best advice would be to have a full time job and just do this one on the side. It has soooooo many benefits if you approach this industry as a fun part time leisure activity, rather than a full time job.

Your clients benefit (as you are fresh and keen), you benefit (as you are less tired, less stressed, etc), your long term future benefits (as you have career continuity and skills development (rather than a 2-5 year gap that you can't explain) and it's just a win-win situation.

Lots of people get into the industry with the wholesome objective of working hard for two years, saving a heap of money and then triumphantly retiring. The reality is that this rarely happens.

The money becomes seductive, other jobs just don't seem to pay as well, and then you get on a treadmill of working hard to keep paying your ever increasing bills and the years just fly by. Before you know it you have nothing to offer a potential employer as you have no references or work experience and your options become severely limited.

Study, get a good job and then have sex with men for money in your spare time.

It's a formula that's served me well...

take care and good luck

Juliette x

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I think Juliette has the right idea-

working part time in the industry for fun and profit - rather than concentrating on just short term gains- plus the other option of being able to easily slip back into the work force later in life.

All things come out at interviews- I just completed a round of interviews and one candidate (male) had a time hole in his Cy - when questioned and the reminded of a full police / working with children check - he owned up to havening done time.. had he not had an employment gap - I might not of noticed (of course the mandatory checks still would have tripped him up)


ps the mandatory checks are not my idea- but a matter of law in the industry I work in ..



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Personally I prefer to have a more conventional life style than escorting allows and therefore only escort part time. This is my preference and it works for me. However, it is a very personal thing, and therefore I would suggest you evaluate carefully and come up with a solution to suit you and not others


Godd luck


Serena x

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Some of the ladies I see in the inexpensive Asian brothels are hard workers, and they see guy after guy for two days in a row, and then go back to their study/day job for five days.


Some of them are like machines, and they see guy after guy for two weeks straight, and then they have a few days off. Then they do it all again 48 weeks of the year.


I've had some nice talks with these ladies (after the sex) and none of these ladies are doing it for fun or the 'lifestyle'. They have a financial goal or obligations to meet and they are meeting them ASAP.


I fell in love with one funny relaxed lady, and during a session I said 'I'm happy to just do what you want to do for the sex today. I'd like to learn what you like and how to please you.'


She said 'What I'd like is for your to cum really really fast and get out - so I can take another booking straight away!'


She meant it, but I love her a bit so I wasn't particularly bothered ;)


I think your question is a pretty good one, but you probably need to ask a few more questions to get closer to to answers you really want.


Some questions I suggest you get some good answers to are:


What is the absolute minimum amount of money you need to earn to meet your mortgage, pay for your kids school etc.?


There is really no such thing as normal - so really how many hours are your friends and work-mates doing? Do their hours seem usual to you? Or do their hours seem a bit high?


Are you a 'high strung' worker that gets upset easily and takes every bad customer personally? If so it would probably be better to pace yourself more, so you can have some cool down time between shifts.


Are you an overachiever that really busts a gut to please every single punter? The kind where you try very hard even for the ones that would be happy for a basic fuck? If so, only experience and patience will allow you to spot the good ones and give vanilla service to the others?


Do you need to work all the time to pay your way, or can you take time off when you get sick or your kids/partner needs you?


Do you have a plan for holidays soon, and do you know how long you will need to do this job before you can retire or begin your preferred occupation?


I suppose it comes down to are you a Hare or a Tortoise?


The Hare runs around with a lot of energy kicking goals and making a big fuss. The Hare is in a hurry to build a name for themselves and will often overwork with this goal in mind. The Hare can seriously burn-out, but the Hare can also make a fortune quickly.


The Tortoise will plod away towards the goal and not take and side tracks or risks, and they will just steadily accumulate the security and financial power they need.



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Hey everyone thx so much for your advice i decided to take some me time and reflect which has worked out well :)

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