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Bodilinx - 8/3/10 - Elly/Allie

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There was some of talk on the (t'other) forum about Allie, and it got to me. "She's quite tall, slim with THE best pair of breasts I have ever seen", taunted one enthusiasatic member, "Don't believe me? Go book this girl".

Well, I've been staying away a good long time and, finding myself in the West last week thought, "Fuck it. I need a bloody punt".

So I went in after calling ahead, with a pretty good prospect for a good punt, as Allie and Sophie were mentioned. I was intro'd to Allie and Nicole. Nicole didn't really blow up my skirt in the intro and a question about DATY brought the disappointing response, "Yes, but with protection". Nuh, I'm never doing that again.

Allie seemed nice at intro. She has the friendly straightforward air of an Aussie country girl and she offered a very sensual massage and hand relief. I didn't quiz her any more or ask about extras, because I really wanted to see her bust.

Allie has long black hair and is about late twenties or early thirties. She is super lean and tall. She is a nice girl and made me feel very comfortable.


I spent an hour and it cost me $200 and it was money well spent. Allie doesn't talk too much. Enough to be polite and no more (Big tick). Her massage was done with a heap of oil and began as very good therapeutic style that changed to become more sensual. She is gentle with handling the tackle and her thigh stroking was lovely. Her body sliding was done lightly and slowly and the feeling of her warm, oily breasts on my back, thighs and bum was very pleasant and arousing. She turned me over and covered herself in oil and massaged herself for my visual benefit. Her breasts are magnificent. Lightly tanned, pert C/D cup with lovely expressive nipples. Allie allowed me to play with them and I don't believe I've handled more beautifully shaped breasts. I couldn't get enough and gently sucked and licked her nipples and she pushed them onto my face. Just a delight. She oiled up my front and rubbed herself all over me and periodically brought the breasts up to eye level for me to admire and play with. She then turned with her bottom to the mirror and said, "There you are, now you can have a look". Her bottom is neat and trim and I massaged it gently, though my attempt to stroke the feline met with a whispered "Uh Uh! No". So I didn't . She eventually poured more oil on my tool, which by now was raging, and performed a slow and delicate hand job that brought me to a very strong orgasm.

We chatted afterwards as we had our showers and off I went, happy.

I can't make any more of it than that. Nice RnT with a pretty and pleasant girl who has dymamite tits. Thanks, you blokes who posted reviews, you were right.




I happened to be in and around the Linx this week (30/8/10) and dropped by for some expert handling from E/Allie. The mystery of the magnificent breasts is solved. There is no miracle. The reason for the seemingly endless expansion of her bust is quite natural, and was clearly obvious today. The front office lady informed me before the booking that A/Ellie has "popped out" and did I mind. The penny dropped and I said I didn't. After a great session, E/Allie announced that she is taking some time off very soon for a few months. Enough said?

Anyway, if you wish to see two of the most spectacular breasts you'll ever see, attached to a really nice lass who really knows what she's doing when it comes to RnT. Then go and see her before she goes "on leave".




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