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2nd punt?



I guess it was my second, my memory is a bit hazy, but I'm 99% certain it was my second. My partner at the time was interested in having a threesome, and not really finding anyone local, so to speak (eg, friend) we went to a professional.


It was after a fairly long day of drinking, so that afternoon, we went to a local FS Parlour here, and were subsequently seated in a small room, after explaining what we were after to the receptionist. A couple of girls walked in and out, and my SO was in charge of picking the right one. Who was I to argue, I'm about to have a threesome, I'll let her do and pick, and I'll just enjoy the show. Previous to going, or on the way in the cab, we had set out the ground rule that I wasn't to interact with the professional. It would be myself and my SO, my SO and the lady, but not me and lady, which TBH, was fine with me, for now.


A lady of similar age to us came in, and she was selected as the right one. The other's were either too young or just didn't fit the idea my SO had in mind. Once details were sorted, we went up to the room.


We all started off in the spa, talking, giggling, and it would have been my SO's first 'proper' time with a woman. She had done the usual barsexual kind of things, kissing girls, etc while out, but not a proper session with a woman, and myself.


Things progressed, and true to word, I participated with my SO, and my SO and the lady, but never myself and the lady.


Once the hour was up, we parted ways and went back home. It was fun to think here we were, on the way home, in traffic, people going about their own business, and we had just had a threesome.


It kind of set the mood for the rest of our relationship. We had more, which I will dig in to later, both professional and non professional.


Talking to the lady while there, it just opened up how many people do it. She said she had regulars who come in once every three months or so, they do their thing, then go home. The husband never came apparently, but it was just one of these things, that couples did. And I had some admiration for it I think. What kind of relationship allows partners to have others, and still be together and strong. Was that the answer? Have the odd threesome, you keep your partner happy, and you get to shag someone else once in a while.


There is more later to discuss, in regards to how this event played mentally on my SO. It would come up in later arguments, but will leave that for another blog entry

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