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First ever punt...



Places, names, etc have been changed or removed


My first punt was almost a life time ago. I had been sent overseas to work and we had our own house to stay in, near the workplace, so it made it easier for us to to work and back etc without too much fuss. The workplace site was providing us with meals, so we essentially did 12+ hour days, 5.5/6 days a week. I don't remember the day, or when it was during my month's stay, but as per usual, a couple times a week after work, we would head into the main city area and have a few drinks at some of the bars, then we'd move onto the hostess bars later. That was fun, with the way the dollar was working, and considering we were on an hourly rate that the locals earned in a month, it made for good times. These hostess bars basically had scantily clad local women, we buy drinks, they just hang around with us, playing pool, smoking, drinking. Albeit their drinks had about 10 times the amount of water to ours, but I guess thats the price of being a white male earning coin in a country that could almost be classified as third world (back then).


I do remember one particular fascination with some of the local bars there. You would sit at the bar, or near it, watching TV while drinking, and the TV would always show violence, people getting shot, war images, war movies etc. With music, so kind of like MTV mixed with wartime photos and videos. Couldn't understand it.


The one particular night, we were finishing up at the hostess bar, and again, the details are cloudy to me, but we ended up with a few girls, at either a hotel/motel kind of place. Don't remember the cost, don't really remember the night. I remember she did stay the night, and the next morning we all got up together and went our separate ways. Everyone had their own room, so we weren't together, together, so to speak.


So there, my first punt, all that time ago.


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