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Tales from near the inside of a R&T



Imagine a man in his middle years on a cold and rainy Melbourne night. He is driving to an unfamiliar suburb to have dinner with an older Asian lady and her best mate.


It's late in the week and his usual end of week work related insanity is raging. Every part of him seems too tired or worn-out - except for his cock - which is now pulling him towards a friend that has often taken him in hand and eased his burdens.


He's not so shallow that he's only going for a visit to get a sexy tug.


He's not so pure that some food and conversation is highlight enough to bring this Manchild out of his deep tiredness.


This social meeting has been weeks in the planning, and unfortunately today is less than an ideal day for our seeker and hero.


The lady and the young adult have not seen each other for several months, not since she moved to a different shop and also went overseas.


The boy in adult clothes arrives at her place of employment and is warmly greeted. She hugs him and holds him close and tightly (first time).


Suddenly the day is not so rainy, not so wet, and not so cold. Suddenly his day at work was not so bad after all.


The lady is calm, dignified and tired... and we later discover, in pain from her back.


The Manchild is a huge fan of R&T and has had his penis stroked by a wide variety of people over the years. This one particular mature Asian lady has probably personally extracted half a litre of his seed over several months.


The tall-boy (frequently mistaken for an adult) has a rather confusing relationship with this lady.


It began with as a typical fee for service thing.


It progressed to a friendly business relationship, where service was always delivered with a smile and a laugh.


It matured into gentle cautious friendship, where things of value were exchanged as well as some money.


And then it became very unconventional. The tugs would begin automatically at the end of the massage.


The Manchild was not allowed to pay for the tugs any more. He tried to insist once and she cried. He didn't make that mistake twice.


The Manchild has day to day performance issues (like anyone else) and would sometimes struggle to get hard for this lady. There was a period there where during the massage he knew the tug was imminent, and would get anxious about whether the equipment would function today.


You may laugh and say this is clearly a first world problem!


Viewed from the outside you could say:

-man gets regular free HJ's from a woman that he cares for, and she in turn seems to care for him.

-the legit massage is always friendly fun and 70% a social event.

-the tug is skilled and basic although a bit non-sexual, more like some additional therapeutic massage focussed in on only one part of the body.


Why is he complaining?


Well technically he isn't. He is just talking out aloud about his personal perspective. And that's all we ever have in life, our perspective.


The third for dinner, her mate, is late so the big boy is offered a free massage. Tries to pay. Not allowed to! So the rubs are free now as well...


They go to the room together and Mr. Happy has missed her. There definitely won't be any performance problems later.


She watches her adult-in-training undress with a sly smile. He lays face down on the table, and Mr. Happy has already fast-forwarded fifty minutes and is ready for dirty squirty, oily sexy play-time.


'I will get one of the other girls to massage you'




'Saywhatnow'? !!!!!


She leaves and a small shy mature Thai lady arrives and does a pretty skilled Thai massage. On the flip Little Brother is ready for the tug but she never offers, and the penis owner never asks. The penis owner is always a bit crazy the first time with a new person, and luckily has lots of patience. Maybe if the R chick wasn't so painfully shy...


The mate has now arrived and off to dinner we three go. We talk openly about the difficulties of running small businesses.


Both ladies have families to support and Winter is a fairly bad time for Massage shops.


Both ladies are tired and in physical discomfort from working in the shops.


These operations are run in a low cost way, and that often means owner/manager ladies approaching sixty will be lifting several kilos worth of Aussie male body parts everyday. Imagine the average Aussie bloke is 80-100kg. For a legit Thai massage, he will want his big boofy legs lifted over his head, his big boofy back stretched, and his big boofy muscles pounded. He will want all this from a tiny brown Asian woman that is typically 40-55kg.


Today his dining companions are letting him see what they are really like. It's not like the usual scenario where the customer is in their shop for a rub-and-a-tug and they are playing the 'role' of funny/affectionate/sexy and hoping to upgrade your massage to 'hand-relief'.


Dinner goes well. The Manchild gets a bit more mature as the evening goes on, and he openly discusses his appreciation for 'hand-relief' of various kinds.


The ladies are somewhat surprised to learn the Manchild can get hand-relief just about anywhere these days.


Perhaps they believed he was loyal to them because he couldn't get anyone else in Melbourne to touch his junk.


If only they knew ROFL


The rapidly maturing male person manages to pay for dinner. His pride is restored.


Anyhoo, the semi-adult drives home horny as all fuck.


The lure of a nice little tug from an Asian friend coaxed our hero out of his pit of tiredness. Instead he had a really lovely evening with two people he is very fond of.




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Floppie (fka Hardon)


Thanks for sharing an interesting and well written experience.

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