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New Beginnings................



I started working in the industry about 5 years ago, and have kept to the parlour scene for all those years, I still remember my very first night at the very first parlour I worked at, shy, nervous, WAY out of my depths. I quickly shed those feelings, as I became part of what can only be described as a surrogate family. In the past couple of years through no choice of my own, and small breaks here and there, I've worked at 4 other places.

One thing has always stuck out in my mind though, NONE of the places I've worked at since have made me feel the same way.

I've met people from all walks of life, with all different beliefs and views, I've worked myself to beyond exhaustion, and at the end of the day, no matter the efforts I've made, or hours I've put in sooner or later true colours show through. But the icing on the cake came in the past week;


Sure, I've worked for different ones that dictated how many bookings I had to do in a week, what time I had to start by, did more hours any other girl on roster, always able to start early when asked, the last one to leave at night after making sure the rooms were up to standard for the next day that the manager had no laundry to worry about upon arrival in the morning, only to soon find out that the boss had rules for one girl, and a whole new set for the next. I've worked for a woman who had the job title of General Manager, WOW that woman was nothing more than a glorified book keeper, and don't consider going above her head to the owner because there is NO access to his phone number. I recently returned to the second parlour I ever worked at, and for the first time in 18months felt like I had at the first place I worked, until a couple of weeks ago. I honestly thought I'd heard every reason under the sun for a girl being asked to leave, I NEVER imagined that raising concerns, with someone who had become a close friend could be twisted so horribly. I've worked with liars, thieves, cattyness, jealousy, and you name it but the recent incidents I've dealt with take the cake.


And so I've decided its time to try a different avenue in this industry, and no longer work for parlours, where my efforts loyalties honesty and commitment means nothing at the end of the day, and delve into the world of escorting.......(Its almost as daunting as my very first shift lol).


Gone is the safety net of an intro, Gone is the panic button heaven forbid its needed, Gone is the safety factor of knowing there are min of 5 people in the building to come to aid if needed, Gone is the peace of mind there are absolutely no camera's, and the new found challenge of over-coming that initial start of booking awkwardness, but a change is as good as a holiday so they say.......


So heres to new beginnings, new lessons to learn, new situations, to face, new adventures.


Will check back in each week with tales worth telling, but for now I'm going to bed.


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Well, I have to congratulate you as I don't have the guts to work in parlour business.


I live the freedom of being a private girl ... I actually, can't remember my first time, that is bad :(


Hope to read more stories from you

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Be strong Crystal and listen to your gut instinct at all times....I call it my inner "spidey sense".......


Controlling your own destiny and being your own boss will serve you well I'm sure....Just be true to yourself and your values.


Always here for you if you need a friendly ear to bounce ideas off....


Take care and stay safe.


Dior x

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Good luck in you new venture have chatted to some of the other ladies who made the swap from parlour to private.

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I wish you the best of luck and hope clients treat you with the respect you deserve.

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Quite interesting narrative of your experience. Hope I can make a booking but your location unknown - good work deserves reward.

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