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I haven't created a blog for a long time so I thought prehaps it was time for one.


I have after much resistance decided to join twitter, this has proved an interesting an addictive place. Till I joined I failed to understand what people saw in this alternate universe called twitter now I think I understand some its charm.


I joined ignoring all the recommend follows and started looking for PP people out there and this has proved most fruitful I now get a daily collection pussy shots, both of the meow kind and the other type more in keeping the PP ethos.


In fact I got so flooded with soft porn from one twitter account , not a PP lady, that I had to turn off re-tweets, sad but true.


Still finding my feet with twitter so those who know me in both places please bear with me till I work it all out.


Events have allowed me to be free to attend the Brisbane Drinks night without a curfew this should lead to some interesting stories.


So I am saving for Punter Planets birthday that's means I haven't punted since my Honey review so look out Brisbane I'll be raring to go by time the 23rd rolls around.



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Twitter is the absolute end of productivity in our office, until the novelty wears off...

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