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La Casa de Nana - 30/10/05 - Every



The Rectal Rooter strikes back!... well, there I was wondering what to do... going to the movies or doing another girl... movies or girl?... movies or girl?... hmm, I decided for doing another girl up her butt... Just kidding: the movies option never crossed my mind!


Seriously, I have to say that with these reports my reputation will surely suffer but bear in mind that any craving for Greek sex I may have in the future, it's well covered already for the next 2 or 3 years! So, when I get back and see the likes of Gucci Girl, she won't need to worry about me trying to deflower her derriere (there are other things we can do with GG)


But last night I had to go with the flow. Moreover, some of you may have seen that documentary "Super Size Me", where a guy commits to eat at McDonald's for a period of time and if offered to supersize he must say yes. Well, I did a similar deal here: Going to Nana's for a week and say yes to every naughty offer. So, there I was last night again, when, walking through a corridor, my groin was intercepted by a nice big bum. The owner of the bum is known by the strange name of Every... "Every what?" I asked... she didn't get it as she did not speak English. Never mind, she was quite nice: Light brown hair, hazel eyes, fair complexion and very, very curvey... natural D's me thinks. She went through the prices, and yes, she offered Greek too, so, poor me, couldn't say no.


At this stage, I won't get into many details, as the experience was very similar to the one I had with the first 2 girls. She was really friendly; Every comes from a town in Northern Uruguay. Once we finished, she had no rush whatsoever in me leaving, so I stayed having a chat, about the place, the other girls, etc.


It is remarkable that from 4 experiences so far, I cannot complain about anything. These girls' attitude is great, they are there to make you happy... but it genuinely seems they are having a good time too.


On my way back, the cabbie told me that the line-up improves a lot in summer. Apparently, the best looking girls work in Europe the rest of the year. Prices go up a bit in summer too (but nothing that would make a substantial change). I don't quite understand how any girl after getting any money in Europe can come back to these cheap prices, but that's good for the punters anyway.


I may go tonight, pending on other plans, for my farewell to Nana's. Fingers crossed!

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