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How many asian ladies work at the motel on Main Street, K/Point in Brisbane???

It seems that every add has a lady at the same address..


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All of those girs are in Southern cross motel buddy!!!!!!!!!!!

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I actually stopped booking girls who advertised in the Courier Mail and Cracker because it seemed that almost 95% of them seem to be co-located together working out of a small, specific number of locations.  It concerned me.  If it was this obviously to me, the Police Service must know about it.  There is even one time many years ago when I called and received the Motel reception because the lady spoke almost no English.  At that moment I made a decision not to go anywhere near those places ever again for fear of being in the wrong place in the wrong time when a Police crackdown occurred.  I want my punting experiences to be lawful.  Organised groups of women being masqueraded as independents is not lawful.  Sadly this type of activity harms the reputation and capacity of genuine independents to work from hotels and motels, and undermines and hurts the operation of the lawful brothel regime.  I would encourage others to boycott Courier Mail, Cracker, and Kangaroo Point.  It may well save you a world of grieve. 

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