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July 2010 - Private (TS Christina) - So So




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Met up with Christina at a prearranged destination for an hour of play in the hay. The cost was $300.


Christina is of Asian appearance, tall, curvy and pretty with coffee colored skin, long, black hair and large kissable lips. She has a nice rack with dark, hard nipples and a bigger than average schlong.


Wasting no time we were on the bed and in to it. Would've preferred to freshen up with a shower to start this lunch time rendezvous but that wasn't on offer, I suppose I could've asked. Started off with her curvy breasts and moved down to other things from there. TBH I can't remember all the blow by blow details just the main points.


I'd already explained to her I wasn't into penetration on me. So Christina's recommendation was to fuck me from the front but between my legs with plenty of lube. It actually felt very pleasant and provided access for kissing. Gave good insight into what the girls go through when in traditional mish.


Next she wanted to do it doggie but still between the legs. Was definitely hoping she wouldn't try and run me through. All went well on that score. As she fucked my thighs, she would lean forward to kiss. I guess the slight neck pain as I tuened my head to meet her was worth it as her kisses were pretty good. Gave good insight into what the girls go through when in doggie.


After she'd finished her pounding of me she asked me how I wanted to progress. My choice was a BJ which was in fact a CBJ. This is when lil Flexi started to get sulky. So to get me over the line, Christina removed the condo and finished me off by hand.


All done and dusted I would've liked a shower but it wasn't on offer, I suppose I could've asked. Anyway after about 45 minutes since we started, I was heading back to work with an unwashed roger.

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