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I can't wait to start having fun!!

Bailey Sommers


So, I have over the past couple of weeks, started making myself a profile and posted a few ads on a couple of sites, and so far I have had a lot of people wasting my time, I am now familiar with which sites NOT to use :unsure: but am still feeling out which ones are good. I know it takes a while to get started in this line of work, and to become known. You need all the right tools, and I am slowly getting there.

So far I have had someone asking me to have sex with their dog!!!


someone who I've had to block from my email, because they just would not leave me alone, sending me several emails everyday, and constantly asking me personal questions about my life....

But in saying that I have had a few genuine calls, and I have had 1 great booking so far.


I am however looking forward to meeting new punters, and having alot of FUN :P


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Starting any new business can be tough. Hopefully things will pickup and be more productive for you.



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Lucy LatinaBeauty


Well its scary at the beginning, just be careful about the websites, lots of spams, but at the end there is always some good people who will be thankful to you ;) no matter the site :) Have fun :P

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Good to hear Rebekah best of luck. Some of the guys I have met on here seem to be gentlemen. Many more great booking s are to be had I am sure.

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Good luck :) and Omg I have had a guy ask me to have sex with his dog too...ew.

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