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What makes ReadyFreddy tick (well at least 1 person asked)



In the past I tended to see high profile girls and have met with a number of girls who have featured prominently on the pages of PP and elsewhere yet really found myself seeking a different road.


I was keen to share my experiences by way of a review but it was really a case of me to, with not always a lot new to add, and at times if I was honest not really the experience what I was looking for.


I have exchanged some messages/correspondence with SW asking what i was looking for, and I have always been vague as I didn’t really know how to describe it and I know this has caused some frustration. One in particular (who I must admire her research) commented my reviews didn’t really leave her that much wiser.


So for possibly the one person who has taken an interest, I thought I would share some of the journey, so see if it helps explain things a little.


I have been seeing a SW who I will call Lisbeth (not her real name or her working alias) now for I think over 12 months.

At the beginning it was one of those stories –interstate student looking to make some cash so she could pay way through university. Wa planning to work generally only 1 or at most 2 days a week, and I met her initially 2nd week in, and was left with the feeling she may not be there if I came back next week.


At the same time I had been having my first foray into the world of sugardaddy-ing. Michelle in this case was also a student but from OS (US). Had no real idea what I was doing as I kinda fell into the role somewhat unintentionally.


I also continued to be a bit of an explorer and during the last 12months have continued to seek out relatively new/fresh girls in addition to what was happening with the 2 ladies above.


Seeing the two “relationships” evolve over time has helped me clarify my thoughts on why I punt and with whom.


With Lisbeth I went back to the establishment a week later and to my surprise she was still there. We started chatting a she indicated that the only reason she was, is because of our previous meeting as she wasn’t really sure in general if this was for her. I must confess that comment generated mixed feelings within me.


Over the past year I have watched her blossom from a fairly shy/skittish lady lacking in some self confidence into one of the sexiest girls I know (still has some issues).


If you do some of the standard checklist things you would probably come up a little short and do yourself a disservice by not booking her.

· Probably carrying a little excess weight,

· slightly larger ass than critics would give to model status,

· slightly smaller boobs than the PSE guys want

· Not as tightly toned as the fitness fanatics want


None of this is even relevant. She is sexy in a total package way, has a stunning face, a smile that actually makes you forget about the world, a razor sharp intellect and is such a warm and generous person. Oh and she truly loves sex.


Over the last 12months we have had over 35 encounters (gotta love loyalty cards to help you keep track), and I think I can say bar 1 time each encounter has been better than the one before.


We probably know more about each other than we should, I have told her things I have never told another soul, and I genuinely care whether she is happy or not in life. We have never tried to see each other outside of “work” but do find it amusing she has changed degrees and is now studying what I did, which has elevated the pillow talk sessions to a whole new level.


The clear boundaries have given me a freedom to explore what we want to, have some truly amazing sex (Thanks Grace B for explaining the difference with fucking), and I have left every encounter with a great anticipation of meeting next time where we will explore new boundaries together. At times her openness has left me stunned, and I feel this should never be taken advantage of, which may explain/justify why I am being coy on identity even though nothing shared here is really sensitive.


For me it’s a great release and a get away from the outside world and its pressure. When I am in the room with Lisbeth there is only what’s happening in the room, no matter what baggage or pressure is emanating from the outside.


With the sugarbabe Michelle, it started out as fun. Initially this involved some great sex, the joy you derive from showing someone new the highlights of Sydney, including its small bars and quirky restaurants.

She was/is a tremendous kisser and at times had me on my toes with her clever trains of thought.


Somewhere though this relationship quickly evolved into lots of discussions around the issues, and challenges she faced. This involved lots of advice seeking etc. Whilst I was happy to help in whatever way I could some days I just fell into bed utterly exhausted.


What’s worse, instead of the classic approach of I won’t book or see her again, I felt obliged as I was aware of her circumstances. More often than not I found myself helping her financially outside of the initial “terms of trade”.


It’s fun to meet new people and explore new experiences, but I keep finding myself returning to the WL’s that I felt a connection with. It makes the experience so much better.

Also what floats my boat and gets me revved up is seeing a SW enjoy the encounter (and no that doesn’t necessarily mean ensuring orgasms occur for her, as that’s to much assumed pressure or writing about the 20 ways I made her scream). Hearing fake moans, and PSE type comments that are unnatural generally make me laugh. This for some reason some SW’s find offputting/offensive as they think I am laughing at them which kills the mood.


I never intentionally seek to offend; I would rather just avoid people I don’t want to associate with. On PP if I see a thread or post I don’t get, think is trolling or similar I just ignore. If in doubt I assume good intentions and reply accordingly.


Just because I feel there may be a connection, doesn’t mean there is one the other way or that the other person gets where I am coming from.

One SW in particular has helped me understand that I need to be clearer sometimes in what I say, as my sense of humour doesn’t always translate that well especially in writing. If I have ever offended anyone my sincerest apologies but that wasn’t the intention.


So what have I learned from the last 12months.



· Follow my gut and don’t over think things but be a little clearer in what I want

· Continue to be selective who I want to see based on things other than looks

· Overnighters don’t really do it for me

· Haven’t really found my groove with doubles so still undecided if they are for me

· 90 min-2 hours appears to be the sweet spot, Sometimes preceded by a dinner/drink where the conversation is fun/intriguing

· Repeat visits with the right SW leads to much better sex (all round)

· Hardcore PSE isn’t really my thing, but a level of kink may be

· It needs to be worked up to over time, based on a better understanding of the SW involved, not just done 5 minutes into meeting a complete stranger

· Be clearer and kinder in my posts where possible, the world already has too many angry people

· Continue to seek out new experiences but really enjoy and savour the special ones I already have.
For “you know who you are” I hope this helps somewhat, as i really didn't know how to articulate this when we spoke.


To some of the SWs I have met before I thank you as I think I have become a better person in general over the last 3-4 years as my outlook on life has changed a lot.

If any other SW reads this by some small chance, it may help you understand if you are for me/ am I for you. I know I am keen to explore some more with a certain Lucie.


I look forward to further developing my approach over the next 12 months to see where that may take me.


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Interesting stuff. It's always nice to meet another searcher along the road less travelled. Keep up the good work.

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Yes, interesting RF. I particularly liked your 'learnings from the last 12 months'. Resonates. Good luck on the journey. May the wind be ever at your back.

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Hmm I think I am a similar track atm RF Maybe blog it when I am sure where I am gong. Thanks for the insight!

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