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September 2010 - Ladies for Gentlemen (Tiffany) - Perfect Punt




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This was Tiffany's last night at LfG, in fact it was her last night in what was a very brief stint in the industry. She was headed back up North for personal reasons.


Since meeting this great young lady in August, we'd met up four times in as many weeks. Despite being less than half my age, we had a few shared interests and just seem to click. She enjoyed joking around and being teased and would laugh out loud often.


The booking started with some small talk about her packing up ready to leave and her drive through potentially flooded areas of Northern Victoria. Without any warning she moved to kiss me, where she stayed until I swung her over so I could be on top. As we kissed, we dry fucked her through her lacy black knickers.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, this girl loves to kiss. Endless, deep, moist, tongue kisses with those magically soft lips. Absolutely delicious. She is not only the best kisser for 2010 but quite probably the best ever. Tiffany loves to kiss. After we'd been at it several minutes, getting more and more moist and deeper, Tiff started to gently groan as she slipped her hand down to stimulate lil Flexi.


Ater about ten minutes, Tiffany pushed me up to a kneeling position as she placed on a condom and bent over to give a very serviceable CBJ while I remained on my knees. I had a great view, both directly and in the mirror and suddenly realised her butt was in reach. I clumsily removed her lacy knickers to reveal those gorgeous, curvy butt cheeks. It was a little bit of a stretch but I could reach her tender young morsel with my tongue.


Unfortunately, the angle I'd created caused the BJ to become less pleasant so I rolled her over to a more traditional 69 position. Tiffany was wet. I love going down on a babe whose pussy is drenched with that sexy, slippery, wet love juice, especially when their pussy has that delightful hint of musky pussy taste rarely available but highly welcome. After I'd consumed all of Tiff's juices from those generous lips I made her come manually. I've found Tiffany doesn't come easily and when she does it's gentle with her sweet moans. One thing I'm pretty sure of is that she doesn't fake it, it either happens or it doesn't. I like that.


We moved into mish, starting with legs apart and her feet around my ears. I tried to kiss her toes but she's very ticklish. Shortly after we moved to mish with her legs together, not sure of the name of the position but it's definitely my favorite. I was getting worried about the time and the thought of extending crossed my mind. Turned out to be unnecessary as we finished up just short of the buzzer.


We even had time for a little more chat as I played with her nipples. Now the really good part of this discussion was that Tiffany said she was coming back to Melbourne at Christmas and would seriously consider a few shifts. That comment made my day.


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