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Is it a R&T or an Illegal Brothel?



Another is a series of what's been on my mind lately - style BLOG posts.


The following text was previously made available to a very very very small circle of PP friends that have proven to me to have a genuine interest in R&T.


I have obscured the details of the provider and I will NOT be giving any addresses or clues for her out. The people that I believe need to meet her already have, or at least know how to find her.


No secrets or confidences were harmed in the making of this post ;)


**** **** **** **** **** ****


My Pappy always used to say “Anything a man says right before the word 'BUT' doesn't count!”.


Just had a nearly perfect session with my R&T regular XYZ from SomewhereLand. Having a regular really makes a big difference. We can now quickly adjust to the other person smoothly without lots of extra chat.


She has retuned from holiday and her skin is a lovely deep coffee brown.


The red puffy skin from the laser treatment on her face is all faded back to normal.


Her perfect white teeth shine brightly at me as she smiles sweetly.


Her hair is a riot of cascading glossy black locks, and later, she flipped it left and right as she made love to me.


She started-in with the small-talk and hugging.


XYZ strips down to her birthday suit and oh boy does she look good to me.


She moves to deep passionate kissing, lot of tangled tongues. The room seem to be getting hotter. Pheeew!


She kisses me and gently massages my cock, balls and date until I am granite hard.


She moved into a slow sensual BBBJ using her long pointed tongue to maximum effect. Plenty of eye-contact, and she was licking the drops of pre-cum off my knob as if it was a very tasty treat.


I need her closer to me, so I ask for kissing. She gives me a smoky knowing look with tight little grin. I am helpless in the face of her rampaging sexual assault.


She asked me if I had a condom or should she get one. Note: *do not rely on XYZ having a condom. Always BYO*. I had some with me so she suits me up and climbs up on the table and continues the deep passionate kissing.


XYZ begins a dry body-slide and works the whole of my front deliciously with her small Asian sweetness.


We kiss deeply and passionately, and she is holding her hips and puss very near my cock. She wants me helpless. She always moves her hips in synch with me, instead of against me, so I just cannot get into her.


I try thrusting into her V from below but she is having none of it. She keeps her hips immobile over my groin while her long pointed tongue invades my ears, mouth and neck. Her hot breath is in my ear and her beautiful raven hair is all around my face and in my mouth.


She follows my increasingly frantic efforts to enter her V from below with a sly wicked smirk on her face.


“Muuuussst haaavvee ffrrriicctioon. I wwwaannnt ttttooo cccuuuummm nnnoooow!!!”


“Ok” she says and quicklystrips off the condom and pumps me with her hand until I cum. Didn't take long at all really.


She's laughing at me. She slips off the table. I lay there breathless while she cleans me up and gives herself a strip wash using the bowl of water and towels.


I catch my breath and ask how long do we have have. We still have thirty minutes so I offer her a massage. She holds my spare condom and says “unless you want to....”


“No, I would love to but the little man needs to rest for a bit”


XYZ lays on the table face down and I give the best oil massage I know how for the next thirty minutes. She asked for hard massage so I am sweating by the end of it, and she mops my brow with a towel at the very end.


We kiss and cuddle at the door and I am off into the bright sunny Saturday daylight.




There is now a modern security camera at the top of the stairs of the SomewhereLand place. The monitor for the camera is a PC monitor near the massage table in the room XYZ uses. She told me it's because she needs to know who is coming, and when they leave, and what they look like...


During our passionate and very hot stuff she was sneakily watching the security monitor and the clock. :(


There is a male “Caretaker” wandering around the place now. A fairly chubby Aglo bloke with a no nonsense look about him. Where I come from, these kinds of “Caretakers” are called Security. He keeps out of sight generally and I only noticed him so much because I was able to see the monitor while I massaged the small cute brown ones sweet back.


XYZ was much more the highly skilled professional in our session today. She basically raped me, hotly, and then had me all cleaned-up and ready to massage her lovely back by the twenty-ninth minute.


The R&T spell for SomewhereLand is well and truly broken for me!


The “Caretaker” and the new security camera, and the very very very professional sexy stuff, just reminds me this is really an illegal brothel - and not a regular R&T full of novice Uni students making some quick cash to pay tuition.


The SomewhereLand place now has no thrill of the chase aspect to it either. I can now be guaranteed a specific level of sexual service for my coin, and the massage from XYZ is now entirely optional.


If XYZ was working in a licensed brothel I would probably see her there on a semi-regular basis.


**** **** **** **** **** ****


- Update June 2013 -


At this stage I am not planing to return to see XYZ. I'm pretty shameless though, so if she sends me a “where are you”? Text I will probably dash over there and hold her in my arms and kiss her deeply.




Comments welcome. I have basically made up my mind about this one, but hey, never say never :)


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