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I'm not a pair of shorts

Nadine St Ives


I am not a pair of shorts.


You will never find me in the bargain bin.


If I do offer you a discount, it is an offer: You may accept or reject it. And it is at my discretion.


How would you feel if your boss rang you and asked you to come in tomorrow and work for half your usual pay? Or better yet, ask you to come in and work a double shift for half the pay you usually get for one shift.


Haggling. Negotiating. Asking for a "better" or "best" price. Whatever you want to call it, is a constant source of frustration and insult for working ladies.


I completely understand you may have constraints on the amount of disposable income available for your sexy pursuits. That being the case, stick within your means and approach WLs within the price you can afford.


Window shop all you like. But keep walking if you can't afford my advertised rates.


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Well said. Sounds like you are very frustrated with these questions!!!!!


I think these questions will only increase as the economy tightens and peoples disposable income reduces.

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Breath - there are always going to be people seeking a bargain -


the world is full of them - being in IT we get our share of idiots to -- so where is the "any key" or why do I have to change my password at all-

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