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Allure - 28/02/06 - Stephanie



After reading about so many people having fun on the weekend, Sunday night decided to go out for a little adventure. I wasn't sure where to go as I had been to the Cross recently; so I decided to try a different location... nothing too close nor too far, and as destiny had it I ended up in Allure, Annandale.




It was obviously a quiet night and not many girls were on at Allure. I was welcomed by the very friendly staff who handed me a towel as the rain caught me just before getting there. I had never been there before and I have to say that the place looks pretty cozy and clean, with individual rooms for the intros. At the reception I was introduced to Scott (I believe that was his name), a flamboyant white cat who looked at me with stern eyes as if he was warning me: "Mate, behave or otherwise I'll jump on you with my sharp claws"... so I take it that he's the bouncer of the place.


The receptionist asked me what sort of girl I was after and somehow, the same way that sometimes you feel like having a light salad, I felt like having someone petite. Unfortunately petite wasn't on the menu that night but the friendly receptionist, instead of trying to hook me with anyone, suggested me to return Tuesday night and ask for Stephanie, who she thought would suit me very well.


Tuesday night I was back and I met another receptionist, equally friendly. She told me that Stephanie was running a bit late, so she sent the other ladies for an intro in case I fancied any of them. Two girls caught my attention for looks and personality: Samantha, who is a bit voluptuous and has very pretty face, and Carly, who is slim and tallish, very nice body indeed. I was tempted by either of them but the wait since Sunday had me really curious about Stephanie, so I decided to wait for her while they brought me a soft drink. I have to say that the staff were very attentive and they called her to know exactly how far she was... and as it turned out she wasn't very far.




Finally, Stephanie arrived after a few minutes she used to get herself in pretty clothes and came to say hello... I don't know exactly how long, but it's been a while since I've been with someone like her. She must be reaching 20 but still has a very teenage look; she's slim, probably a size 8 with B or C cups; tallish, probably over 170 cm; long brown hair and gorgeous eyes, I believe they are green. Despite being Australian, she has quite an exotic look.


She asked me if I had any questions... and somehow I remembered what I thought when I posted the review before this one: I don't know how much you can take the punt out of punting. So I decided that for tonight any questions and answers would be irrelevant; I had made my mind; moreover, despite Stephanie managed to warn me that she doesn't kiss, I decided to book her for 45 minutes instead of the 30 I generally book when seeing new girls.


She took me to a room upstairs which was nice and comfortable but the shower was at the end of the corridor. Since it was warm it added an extra level of fun, being able to walk with a towel around my waist down the corridor. As I returned to the room, Stephanie was waiting there, yet before I jumped next to her, she managed to let downstairs know that I was back for the clock to start ticking.


We started exploring each other's bodies; she gave me a few strokes and since I knew that kissing wasn't on the menu, I decided to try my luck South of the border without knowing if I had the proper visa to get there. A bit to my surprise, not only no visa was needed but Stephanie was more than happy to lie there and enjoy a very long and very wet DATY session. She seemed to enjoy it so much that I had trouble finding a point to abandon that. Her legs kept shaking and getting very wet; that and the heavy breathing made me stay there for a quite a while. Finally, the time came to return the favour with a very nice CBJ and after that she jumped on top of me. The only lubrication was her natural one and she's tight indeed as you would expect from someone so young. After that, we tried missionary where I gave a few kisses on her neck (just testing the boundaries... you never know!)...and we then did two types of doggy until we finished. We still had a few minutes for lying there and getting to know a bit about each other.




Stephanie stroke me as a very nice girl and I rate the experience as more than satisfactory. Maybe this comes as a confirmation that you can't take the punt out of punting and sometimes you just have to follow your gut feelings. It is true that the receptionists at Allure seem to know their job very well; so that served as encouragement to take a punt with someone they thought suitable for me. I'm so grateful that I'll be back either for Stephanie and/or some of the other girls.


PS, this info is mainly for the moderators. I was asked how I found Allure and I informed them that through FIA. I also noticed they have a very basic website: http://www.allure-xxx.com/ and their e-mail is [email protected] Their telephone number also seems to be a different one: 02 9519 3555. Cheers!


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