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Manhattan Terrace - 23/02/06 - Shannon



I've been a bit quiet on the punting front for the last weeks mainly due to a cold I didn't feel like sharing with the girls out there. As the cold was gone last night, I felt like a bit of action but due to the spontaneity of my plans, I needed to go somewhere local, that is, inner city or inner eastern suburbs. First I thought of Surry Hills but the places I know there, have gone a bit crazy with their prices... so, I ended up at Manhattan Terrace in Kings Cross.




Although I've had good experiences there in the past, my immediately previous one hadn't been all that great. I did post a review that didn't go unnoticed by some of the staff working there. By their replies, something tells me, that my review was a bit of a rude awakening to the blunt world of online forums and sex critiques. Our reviews, the way I see them, have a multiple purpose: to protect and advice the consumer, to reward those girls and establishments who offer a good service, and to let know those who don't that something could be improved. And you'll only know if things have been improved if you try again with the same girl or the same establishment... only the latter was possible last night.


Two girls were sitting at reception and chatting with the receptionist as I walked in. They were going to be the ones available for the intro. Both of them were quite cute, they also seemed friendly and outgoing enough. Now, traditionally, I'm not a big friend of asking questions before the service other than chit chat to assess their personality; I could have ended up with any of them and maybe I will in the future. However, for my own sake and that of the establishment I was visiting, I had to avoid any bad surprises if I wanted to have a good time and write a fair review afterwards. So I asked them to tell me a bit about their services... both of them asked me to rephrase the question by telling them what I was after instead. The first way of describing it that came to mind was: "I'm after an affectuous service"... Maybe this was a bit too vague for them so I had to go ahead and ask if they kissed. One of them did for $50 extra and the other one didn't at all. I did not feel like paying $50 for kissing, as more often than not, I get that included as part of the standard service.


I don't know if it's a generational thing, but it seems to me that the extras are way out of control all around Australia. I do understand and respect if a girl does not kiss... but if those who do, will start at $50, what room do you leave for real extras? By the way, what happened to extras that cost between $10 and $20? When it comes to punters like me, that's a way for a girl to lose a booking. Young as they are, maybe this is the normal way for them; that's what they've learned from other girls, they don't have to know that there are a bunch of girls in parlour X and another bunch at parlour XZ who don't charge anything extra for kissing. So, I don't want to be tough on them because in all likelihood they are not to blame.


I have to say too, that in the past, I've been many times with WLs who don't kiss and I still had a great time with them. I can do without kissing if it's compensated otherwise. However, asking them beforehand it warrants you that you won't get an absolutely mechanical service. Should the circumstances have been different I would have taken a punt with any of these two girls as both were nice.




When I informed the friendly receptionist that I was leaving, she asked me why and understood my explanation... and as it happened, a third girl became available as we were chatting. As soon as the receptionist saw her, she told me that Shannon would be likely to offer the kind of service I was after. Nonetheless, she had a word with her to make sure, which was quite a good thing to do. After that I was left alone with Shannon for the proper intro. Shannon told me that she had no problems with kissing or mutual oral as part of the standard service. She did offer some "real" extras starting at $100; I passed on the offer but I booked her for half hour.


I'd say that Shannon could be in her late twenties or early thirties, light brown or blond hair, blue or green eyes, a size 10 or 11, average height, and she has piercings in tongue, nipple and clit. After I had a shower she came into the room and ran the spa... which is something generally reserved for 45 min. bookings or longer, so I should take that as a bonus. There was a bit of rubbing around in the spa, so that helped the mood. As it happened, there wasn't much kissing involved... I guess it was there if I wanted it but it was obvious that Shannon is more PSE than GFE.... And as it often happens to me with PSE-type girls, there's not much clicking at a mental level.


My body was aroused though and after some foreplay and oral, we went doggy style and it didn't take me much to come. That was about it... and you may be wondering how the hell I dare to write such a long preamble when I summarise the sex in just one line. Well, sorry if this bothers you but all I can say is that Shannon's service was professional and I don't have complaints about it. She didn't take me, nor was expecting her, to take me anywhere I haven't been before. With not much conversation between us, all it remained was the physical act and that was okay. The only singular aspect of this encounter was that, as soon as we finished and laid down to rest, Shannon fell asleep. I'd like to believe that it was my doing, but as I found out later, she hardly had any sleep in the 2 previous days.


Knowing that not much conversation would have happened anyway, I just let her rest waiting for the sound of the buzzer. In a way I see it as a display of trust for someone to fall asleep lying next to a stranger. And asleep she was indeed... the 30 minutes felt more like 45 (generally it feels the opposite, so I wouldn't be surprised if they gave us a few more minutes)... As I noticed this I asked: "You mind if I jump in the shower?"... no answer... okay I helped myself to the shower thinking that the noise would wake her up... but nope. As I was drying myself I started worrying a bit about her as she still wasn't giving any signs of life. There was a loud knock at the door that finally woke her up; it took her a second or two to realise where she was and I helped announcing my presence from the shower. I got dressed, we kissed good-bye and I left.




As I was walking home, I couldn't help wondering about the other two girls I saw at the intro. I knew they wouldn't have kissed me but maybe I still would've been able to click with them on another level. In other words, I don't know how much you can take the punt out of punting. However, no complaints regarding Shannon, and certainly no complaints regarding Manhattan Terrace (they even have bigger towels now!)... My experience last night was like when you consciously go to the pub, to get a pub meal at a pub price, and getting exactly that... there's no room for asking why there aren't any white truffles nor reduced Barbera wine juice on the meat... no matter how much you'd like them to be there.


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