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Times, they are a-changing.

Some of you have had a little heads up, and now that it’s on twitter, it’s in the common realm.

I think it’s a well known view that the worst part of being an elite escort, after the stigma, is the admin. I go on, and on, about how limited my time is and this job thing I do during the day, so it seemed to make sense that I should free up more of my time and energy to focus on the awesome part of being an elite escort, actually being in bookings with my amazing clients, rather than looking at my inbox and wanting to cry.

Hence, I’m partnering up with the amazing and elusive Ivanka Petrov and her Black Caviar Management. She has been awe-inspiring to work with, great vision, infinitely caring and an incredible mentor.

I’ll still have a website, I’m still happy to chat and I’m sure I’ll see a lot of you on twitter. I’ll have even more time to blog, and I’ve actually had a lot of fodder recently due to to some lovely and not so lovely e-mails that have come in.

My new profile at Black Caviar Management.

And as a thank you for sitting all the way through my ramblings: a new photo


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Constance Azura


All the best Olivia! Your new pics are amazing! I can only aspire to achieve what you have, a highly respected and true courtesan with a presence that always leaves men breathless.


Both Jasmine Jaro and yourself are the two ladies who inspire me as you have both always stood out as being strong and passionate, with confidence that comes from within, personality, character and intellect.


Here's hoping not to offend also - you have created a point of difference. I feel that ladies who are from an exotic background especially if connected to South East Asia have always had to work a lot more in educating and showing how there is so much more to discover, and find out about each other than face value.



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