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March Wrap Up - posted on 2 April 2013



Wraps ups seem all the rage these days, or perhaps I’m last to the party and I don’t know it!

March has been bittersweet for me. Some lovely dalliances with lovely gentlemen, some new acquaintances and some dissolutions. I find making the decision to end a professional companion relationship to be one of the most challenging aspects of this vocation, but also one of the most true and necessary. A toxic or even merely unfulfilling match up does no one any good. I value the time spent with my clients and do not want to waste their time or mine. I’m flattered and grateful to be given the opportunity to have these wonderful experiences, but also very conscious that these are nights of my life I will never get back. Every second of life is precious and I have no desire to squander it. So in March, with an eye to focusing on the relationships and lovers I want to cultivate and attract, I’ve had to say goodbye to a few kind gentlemen. I like to think they haven’t taken it personally and I wish them the absolute best and hope they feel the same.

To that end, as foreshadowed in earlier blog posts, I will no longer be available for one hour bookings (generally) after 1st May. Honestly, I don’t remember the last time someone asked for that and it really doesn’t suit the experience I offer or enjoy. The overwhelming majority of my dalliances are four hours or more, most being overnights. I specialise in developing ongoing, longer term relationships with ladies and gentlemen who want some substance and evolution without the strings of a conventional relationship. I can’t be all things to all people and offering shorter bookings would only muddy the waters.

I think this is part of a continuing trend to be more true to myself and allowing me to be absolutely authentic in my liaisons. Keeping my circle of intimate friends small and exclusive allows me to focus my energy on the quality of our experiences, something I am constantly trying to improve.

As part of my improvement, I’ve undertaken yet another photoshoot. A bit more physically challenging than last time, but that’s where the fun is….

And as a reward for wading through my philosophising and waxing lyrical…a little teaser. I’ve already released one on my twitter, but here’s another! So untouched I still have my bruises from dance class!



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