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Manhattan Terrace - 27/01/06 - Holly



The first time I saw Holly, around last September at Remington's, I left happy but not knowing exactly if what I got was everything that there was to Holly and therefore a second visit was always on the cards. After a frustrated attempt in November, I finally managed to see her again last Friday... and guess what?... once again I left wondering the same... but this time I've only got myself to blame. I had planned to see Holly before seeing anyone else, with no alcohol in my system and in top shape. Unfortunately, while in Melbourne I stayed at a friend's and I couldn't combine my free times with Holly's schedule the way I originally intended.


As a result, I saw Rebecca (Grosvenor) for an hour on Thursday afternoon... a few hours later I saw Paris (Pickwood Lodge) for 30 minutes... so far so good... slept only a couple of hours that night... Friday at lunchtime I saw Rebecca again (great encore!) for another hour and later went to dinner and had 2 or 3 beers. By the time I got to Manhattan Terrace on Friday night (11:30pm) I was already exhausted... The right thing would've been to cancel... but I had already told Holly I was seeing her, and since that was my last chance during my stay, I kept my word and went on with it. I wanted to see her regardless.


I got there and the receptionist let me in... I asked for Holly and she asked me if I had made a booking with her directly to which I replied yes. They sent me to fix the money at reception where I met Holly. She was looking very nice and fresh, dressed casually in jeans... her hair was down... and since the last time we saw her hair was up, I didn't know it was that long... she even looked to me younger this way. She was happy to see me.


For whoever doesn't know Holly, she's a tallish blonde with big blue eyes, early twenties, strong with wide shoulders (I believe she'd be particularly suitable for young athletic guys)... and very nice large breasts. She also has a lovely smile if you're more the romantic type! :)


I got a shower while she went downstairs and argued with the receptionist about the air conditioning, came back a few minutes later and I helped her undress while we were chatting. Once the clothes were off and after a couple of kisses, we continued with a bit of reverse body sliding (that is, me doing the sliding on her) B)


Then I went down on her for a while until she put a condom on me and gave me head. After the oral, came the sex. I'd say that from all the positions we tried, missionary is the one that worked better for me despite I normally don't like it... Anyway, due to my worn out state on the night, the happy ending was achieved after the sound of the buzzer (two or three other buzzes followed as Holly was happy to continue our post-coital chat)


Now, in summary... I have to praise Holly for her willingness to please me. I have to say that she did really well. However, I was silly to go in the condition I went, which made it all more difficult... and therefore my question remains if that's as good as it gets between us. Well, I still don't know... maybe I need a third time to know for sure. Next time I'll take my vitamins with me though! :)


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