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Naughty Times – April 2013 – Tiffany



My socks were well and truly knocked off!




A shameless Fanboy raves about his favourite Thai Ladyboy.


Warning! This review contains some very adult concepts and themes, and you should probably stop reading now if you are a judgemental kind of person (i.e. any significant arsehole tendencies).




I use my reviews as an on-line journal so the target audience for this stuff is mostly myself several months into the future. For this reason I try to be fairly accurate and descriptive.


There seems to be a fair bit of curiosity about Girl+ punting, so I have expanded my usual session notes to make it easier for any other curious people to read.


Strictly speaking, the bulk of the following text blurs the line between a sexy review, a love letter and a tribute. All fine and good reasons this is a BLOG instead of a review in the NT Club folder.




The very beautiful Tiffany and I are now having some relaxed and very funny sex, and I believe she deserves an entirely new review. However it's taken multiple visits for us to reach this stage so I will not put this is the usual NT Club folder. I also believe it is a fairly rare situation, and my only explanation is some people just enjoy each others company more than others.


I suppose the main thing I love about Tiff is that she has more than a little bit of steel in her basic personality. No really does mean “No” and not “maybe” with her. This strong willed quality means that when she is determined to do something, it usually happens, or there will be conflict. More on this later...


Tiffany and I have been flirting with each other via texts for the last few weeks, and today, face to face again at last, it was all very happy and dare I say it “joyous”. It's forbidden love though *gasp*. Who would have thought it of me? I certainly would not have thought it of myself a few years ago.




After I arrive Tiff personally shows me straight to the room for the booking. She looks so good to me. She looks way more glamorous and beautiful than anyone I have ever had sex with. Ever! Including every other Girl+ or biological female. I should point out that I find the Thai folks a very attractive and friendly race of people.


She asks me if I need a shower. I don't really need another wash but I shower again anyway, because I want everything to go well. Remember Tiff is a very clean and tidy sex partner.


I finish the shower and Tiff returns as I am towelling off. I help her arrange the towels on the bed and we chat a little. It's all so smooth easy and natural, just like a husband and wife getting ready to make a baby together.


I lay down on the bed as she gets condoms, lube and tissues ready and lays them out on her side of the mattress.


She moves to the foot of the bed and starts to dance a fast sexy strip for me. There is some rock music playing over the PA and it turns out Tiff is a good dancer and fair at striptease.


I suddenly get very emotional and feel very full. My eyes are misting-up. I'm getting more and more aroused, but not in a hot panting grabbing way, but instead in a hold her close to me way.


She is now naked and she tucks her Ladycock out of sight between her legs and keeps dancing at the end of our bed while holding her slim thighs together. She is watching me and can tell I'm a happy man. Tiff has always been a woman to me. No question. A beautiful woman. I ache for her. I want to hold her in my arms and tell her all my dreams.


I tell her how beautiful I find her and I'm choked-up with powerful emotions. My voice breaks as I praise her.


Tiff slowly stops teasing me as she begins to realise I meant what I just said.


She kneels on the end of the bed and then crawls towards me. I raise myself up to kiss her. We kiss gently like long-time lovers. So far her routine is similar to our very first session, but today I'm so into her that I'm a little bit frightened of myself, and a plague of butterflies is rioting around in my tummy.


We kiss softly and our rub noses together for a while and she plays with my plums. I stroke her cheek and gently hold her hair away from her beautiful and perfect face.


I start to brush her breasts with my furry forearms and firmly tweak one of her nipples. She makes a pleased sound but also with enough of a low tone to let me know I'm going to be in trouble later. She kisses my mouth harder and squeezes by shaft firmly in her brown lady-like fist.


I've been hard since the sexy dance and so she goes to suit me up. I try to get a BBBJ. She is very clear that I don't need one because I have never had any trouble getting hard for her. I'm pretty keen but she insists again that I'm not getting one, and then she suits me up and sucks me. She's right of course, she's an excellent cock-sucker and I don't really need BBBJ, I still want one though. One last try. It's a laughing no. A very strange feeling having a beautiful woman strongly sucking on my cock while she laughs at me with a full mouth.


I ask to swap around with me above “Not for sex, just for more kissing” I say.


Tiff lays back on the bed and I drink in her dark chocolate skinned loveliness. There is nothing I would change about her figure at this moment. Really beautiful face and very slim and toned body.


I kneel above her on all fours and we tenderly kiss. I have one knee between her legs and I can feel her plums on my leg. She is working my nipples and cock with her hands. I move down a little and suck gently on her breast. She places one hand on the back of my neck and strongly pulls my head down onto her chest.


I'm getting enormously keen on fucking her and I'm suffering from a powerful urge to jam my angry cock deep inside her. I'm kissing her firmly on the mouth and she is raising herself off the pillow so she can return my kiss just as hard.


Now I want to pin her down and just take her, and I don't feel like I will be particularly gentle about it either. Not very nice of me I know, but I just want to go balls deep on this woman, and quickly fill her with my seed.


I take a breath. I take another. “We should start the sex soon, I really want you today! It's a very big problem for me” pervy grin.


Knowing smile in return “What sort of sex do you want”?


“I think I should put my cock in your arse and soon. And right near the end of our time, I should cum in your arse. Before that, is there anything I can do for you? To make your day a bit better?”


“I would like you to suck on my cock. Are you happy to do that for me”?


“Beautiful Tiffany. I would love to do that for you!”


She puts on a hat and I go to work. I try to remember all I have learned so far, and say “tell me how to do it better for you” as I kiss her legs, suck her plums and slowly work up and down her shaft.


Tiff laughs and says “Ha! You don't need my help. You are good enough already!”


I do my best for about five minutes and then turn my head so I am watching her face as I kiss the underside of her Ladycock. She is watching me and looks very serious. Angry, happy, sad... I can't tell. Am I in trouble? Have I hurt her? Was I too rough? Too soft? Too boring?


She says “Maybe today I should go in your arse. It would be much better I think! Would you like that”?


“Ummm. I don't mind. But It's not what I was thinking about for today.”


The couple of times we tried this before have been a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes good, some ok, the very first one was uncomfortable indeed!


“It will be better that way. I'm very sure now!” she says. She's definitely decided!




I'm currently on all fours because I have been side-on for sucking on her cock. I spin around with my bum towards the foot of the bed and say “Like this”?


“No on your back. It's easier for me to stretch you legs back.”


Tiffany lubes my bum and we have some jokes and laughs, she grabs my ankles and raises them above my chest. She eases slowly but firmly inside me. It's way easier than any time before and clearly me being hugely turned-on makes all the difference.


“Can I move in you yet”? She says.


“Can we wait a minute or two for my bum to relax more”? I use my hand on my own cock and my other hand on my nipple. Tiff leans forward, reaches for my lonely nipple and starts to tweak roughly at it.


After a few minutes of play like this my bum is as soft as butter, and her Ladycock is feeling damn good in there. Vastly superior to any strap-on dildo play I've ever had with a girlfriend. Tiff is super super hard, she is like a block of wood really. Usually when I am hard I am still a bit softer compared to her iron bar now snugly deep in my freckle.


My Mangina has now happily accepted her, and together we are working at bringing me off. After a few minutes of me self stroking I say “I'm getting very close! Can you fuck me very hard now”?


Tiff goes to work like a Demon in my buttery Mangina. I cum hard, as she continues to ram her iron cock deep inside me. My cum oozes and dribbles out rather than shoots or squirts, because of the pounding going on down there, but it's magnificent feeling, and seems to go on for a really long time!!! OoooooooohAaaaaaaahOooooah!


My heart is pounding and I can feel my pulse in my neck. My face is flushed and I'm a little breathless. I sigh deeply with pleasure as I thank her.


She has a funny expression on her face. A good expression. A cheeky smirk of satisfaction.


Tiffany slips out of me and begins the clean-up with tissues. I think she's pleased with me, I hope that's it. We run out of tissues. She gets some more. My stuff is just everywhere.


“You should have a shower now to freshen up”. Not a request. She has decided again.


I meekly agree with “Sure. Can we shower together”?


“Whatever you want” smile and small laugh from this lovely and dangerous Glamazon.


We play in the shower and I use the liquid soap all over her chocolate brown curvy front, and then soap all over her smooth toned brown back.



We help each other towel off, dress, and then she sits in a chair facing the bed while I put my shoes on.


We talk a little and I somehow find myself massaging her brown foot. After a few minutes she smiles and presents her other foot for a little massage.


We kiss and hug at the door to the room and I promise to return soon.


Several hours later I am still buzzing and remembering her beautiful face as she made me cum for her.


WIR – for sure

PROS – above

CONS – None really. I've seen a bit of Tiff now, and a few of my visits were not as great at this one or the very first one. Still, Tiff is the perfect Ladyboy for me and wouldn't change a thing about her.


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I thought this was very genuine, and quite well written actually. You allowed yourself to feel something, which is never a bad thing imo - unless perhaps the thing you feel is possessiveness, but there's no hint of that in your account.

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Thanks for another great read blakes. I never cease to be amazed at the way you bring us readers into the action. It's like we are there with you in some ways. Tiff and you have an obvious connection that goes way beyond the normal punter/WL experience. Thanks for posting your encounter with this lovely lady.

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Wow blakes,

Your exposure in this review was quite clearly palpable. Well done for having the plums to have composed such an eloquently written account of your experience with Tiff. This is obviously an area in which you still seem to be coming to terms with, I think it is more a case of your conventional side catching up with your kinks and what really seems to do it for you, as far a your sexuality and sex play. I Look forward to reading more of your progress, especially as you gain more confidence in this regard. It would be really nice to have such well written reviews in the main forum IMHO, despite the fact that this is a review of a gorgeous Tranny called Tiffany. :-)

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Nice review mate - well written. Got a real sense of being in the room with you and Tiffany. Any idea if this girl tours?? Would love to see some pictures of her :D :D :D :D Certainly sounds like a candidate for my to-do-list!!!

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