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It's 3.57am... I can't deal with titles

Nadine St Ives


It seems to be commonly accepted that escorts adopt a different persona while they are working. That as I fasten my stockings to my garter, plump up my eyelashes with mascara and apply lipstick I am undergoing a transformation. Finally as I wriggle into the de rigueur little black dress the transformation is complete... I am Nadine.




It doesn’t matter what name you call me, I am still me. Smart, geeky, quirky, daggy, funny me. Sexy, curious, gentle, affectionate me.


Sure, I am on my best behavior. Most of the time… Tehee! I think of it as “first date” best behavior. I dress to impress, wear lingerie that matches, turn up the charm, wit and flirtation factors. And dial down the white picket fence factor (can we throw it into negative?). Other buttons, valves and whistles get a little tweak also… But a girl has to keep a little mystery.


So, being a WL is like going on a perpetual string of first dates? Well, no. It isn’t possible to keep your first date game face on all the time. Especially with regulars. This is where (for me… this is just my story) things move into the honeymoon phase. That awesome time when you first start seeing someone and are rarely, if ever, seen in public because your world is your bed. Breathing is secondary to fucking and food is fuel to help you keep fucking. There is get-to-know-you chit-chat and witty banter but it doesn’t get too deep because you have more fucking to do.


Freeze. Rinse. Repeat.


Where was I going with this sleep deprived ramble? Um... I'm just a girl? It doesn't matter what name you call me, I still like to fuck? That'll do.


I think my eyes are bleeding.


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