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Nadine St Ives


My family know I am a sex worker.


Well, my parents certainly do. I am not sure about my brothers. It is not something that has come up over our annual "happy birthday" messages sent via Facebook and text.


They are not thrilled about it, but as my Mother put it: "We don't like what you do, but we understand why you do it."


My Dad has held back from any comments that may be construed as accepting of my profession. But I do recall him mentioning he didn't view being a "prostitute" as a career.


We are all entitled to our opinions. And I certainly wasn't going to get into a debate with my Dad about the professionalism and business acumen of WLs.


The thing that changed my Mother's view of what I do is a discussion we had over a boozey lunch one day. I was a little tipsy (damn Bloody Mary's... aren't they supposed to have no alcohol in them? Ooops.. no that would be a VIRGIN Mary... *hiccup*).


I don't know how it came up but when the subject of my work was raised I grabbed it and ran with it (side-stepping and stumbling, half-jogging, half-walking..... damn those Bloody Mary's!). I explained to Mum that I enjoy being a WL. That I get to meet people I would not otherwise meet, lovely and interesting people. I get treated with the utmost respect - much more than my ex boyfriend showed me at the end of our relationship. I get taken out to lovely restaurants and stay in beautiful hotels. I occasionally get gifts. My work "uniform" is sexy lingerie and I have sex. It doesn't sound so very awful does it?


Mum asked me about my clients. Surely, they are unattractive men or they would not have to pay for sex. Actually I have had some smokin' hot clients. But they way I see it, I always find something attractive about the men I spend time with. Or I would not spend time with them. It is entirely my choice as to who I see. For some reason that surprised Mum. Not that I have attractive clients, or that I find something attractive about each client, but that I can say no. I found that odd. She assumed that because someone wanted to see me and they had the means to fund a booking that I would automatically say yes. Wow!


She went on to ask about how I decide who to see and who I do not want to see. First, is manners. And a close second, is the ability to string a few words together to form a sentence. I don't mean a man has to be effusively polite or gushy or that he has to write me a novel but I do appreciate it when a potential (or existing) client does more than grunt "wana fck 2nite?"


The premise behind this is that if a man has manners and some command of the written word we are more likely to get along. Then I am happy for him to say: "Nadine, I am very interested in fucking you tonight. Subject to your availability, of course."


The boozey lunch chat went a long way in terms of parent: sex worker relations. I am proud of the way Mum handles it now. Yesterday I mentioned I had a booking and the location. She went on to calculate my departure time.... "You will need an hour. It takes 45 minutes to get there and the extra 15 minutes will be handy in case of traffic or if you get lost. You don't want to be late."


Indeed I don't.


Thanks Mum!!! xxx


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Well done Nadine. It must be a relief be open with your parents about what you do. Well done to your mum too.

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Nice to get family support Nadine. Top Mums Day gift coming up I guess.

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Great work Nadine! Being open with your parents is a big step.

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I quite enjoyed reading this blog, reminds me of my Mum, as she is very supportive of my punting habbit. Although it is quite different to yours, as Mum never questioned me. Those views she had at the end, my Mum had all along.

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Serena Vincente


I am amazed wow! None of my family or friends know what I do as they assume my day job is all I do to make a living


Serena x

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Nadine St Ives


Thanks all!


Serena, it's like anything in life. The more comfortable you are with it, the more comfortable others are. One friend who I thought would judge from on high has been fantastic. She has even been my driver a few times!

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Great blog Nadine, I think family is such a big issue for WL's, glad yours has worked out well.

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So true Nadine.... "The more comfortable you are with it, the more the other person is".

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Great read Nadine......


I really admire your strength, honesty and courage.


The secrecy at times for me can be totally overwhelming. I haven't confided with anyone at all, not even my closest girlfriends know about my secret hobby!


Take care and thank you.... Your Mum is an absolute treasure.


Dior xx

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This is fantastic- well written, powerful, and effective. Must be such a weight off you shoulders x

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Good ol Mum, happy that they can accept your chosen profession. We always say our own Mothers are the best, but you know what, I think your Mum, is on a par with my dear departed mum.


Enjoy Brissy/GOld coast, and I get up there soon too, so maybe that raincheck for dinner, can be redeemed, will let you know


All the Best Nadine



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Really nice to read straight from the heart. I have chatted with you on chat and you are down to earth lady

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