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Amore - 14/01/06 - Elise



As I have already reviewed Elise for FIA and SDU and I only post new reviews to SINA, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to review her here. Now, let me tell you that writing a review about a girl you see regularly is not easy and also, you probably shouldn’t take this as a perfect example of what would happen if you see Elise for the first time. Besides, sooner or later she’ll read this review and I hope I don’t get my arse kicked even when all I have to say are nice things about her. Funny how this review business works; I cannot help thinking that by writing a review, I’m betraying my regulars a bit... luckily, Elise has a lot of experience with these forums and she knows better.


I hardly ever (well, sometimes I do) call and make a booking to see Elise. Reason being, I can only get to Newtown in a roundabout sort of way by public transport and it’s hard to predict how long it’ll take me to get there. However, I don’t mind it if I have to wait for her because something I like about Amore is a very casual atmosphere where you even get to see a bit of the ‘Behind the scenes’ with other girls running around the place, doing intros to other clients, etc. Something else I like about that place is their prices, eg $210 the hour, which for Sydney’s standards, rates really well.


I arrive to the place and a receptionist I haven’t seen before welcomes me. I ask her if Elise is available, she goes and checks... and yes, she’s available. The receptionist asks me if I want her to call Elise for an intro and obviously, that’s not needed.


I wait a couple of minutes and Elise shows up. Now, let me tell you about her. She has gone from blond to orange redhead with blond highlights. Last night her hair was up but when she lets it loose, it reaches her bum. She was wearing black stockings and a short black dress with a cut over her legs... how can I describe it?... Tinkerbell style, I think... (not sure if that helps or how accurate it is but she looked incredibly sexy in it... and yes, I do have a Tinkerbell fetish!)


For whoever don't know her and hasn't read my other review, she could pass as Russian even when she is not (I believe there's more German blood in her)... She keeps telling me that I have smiley eyes but the one with the sensational eyes is she. Blue, almond-shaped ones... almost like an Asian shape but not quite. She's a mix of kitten and vixen.


Last night, we ended up in a different room... generally she has one she likes (I suggested to get a plaque with her name on the door, like the girls in South America)... probably Amore’s management won’t go for it. Anyway, I didn’t mind the room at all, it even looked a bit bigger. We go in and I get the usual health check... there’s definitely German blood in Elise because despite the many times I’ve seen her, she’s very by the book about this... the health check is there and will always be there. I can’t blame her... and besides she shows a lot of trust during the actual service, so I definitely prefer to get checked every time as opposite to receiving a paranoid clinical service.


We undress, shower, etc... She always stays during the shower, I assume it's house policy but also assume that the clock starts ticking from the moment you go up (in other places it's from the moment the girls goes into the room)... Obviously, as it happens with regulars, you have a lot to talk about, so this happens during the shower and continues until well advanced into the foreplay.


She leaves the stockings and G-string on. Lovely bum on her! I've always liked her now she’s beefing up a bit as she has been working up seriously. Well, I like all her shapes... but her butt in that G-string looked really great. I’m in no rush to take it off from her. We start playing around... as you do... a bit of kissing, then I kiss her nipples and forget she’s too sensitive there... can’t blame her, I’m exactly the same. So, no playing with each other nipples which suits me fine... I’m a butt man anyway plus you still can play with her boobs.


I kiss my way down to her labia. I ask her if she's too sensitive there but she replies she can handle that with no problem (which I knew already)... I love giving oral to this girl; with every hard lick of the clit, her legs shake a little. She's usually shaven down there; yesterday she had just a few blond little hairs growing, and for some reason it turned me on even more. Only time constraints prevented me from keep going.


After that, she knows well, I don't want the condom on yet... I like to slide my Johnson in between her butt cheeks... and we do that... until the little dictator starts taking some attributions by itself and coming too close to the forbidden zone. We haven't discussed but it's like we have a yellow cards system... two of those and the condom comes on. And so it came and we switched to some oral on me. I don't know if last night I was more sensitive or what, but Elise did a great job... If I closed my eyes I could imagine there was no condom there... she has a marvellous technique indeed.


A few positions followed and I finished with my favourite, which is doggy but with her lying on her tummy and legs together. More pillow talk followed even after the buzzer... It crossed my mind extending but I'm going to Melbourne soon, so I better keep some money for it.


Oh well, what more can I say. I really like this girl... Do not expect to replicate this experience if you never seen her before. Needless to say, she has a mind of her own (and quite a clever and sexy one) and she decides how much to trust you. Kissing, DATY, Italian (the butt-cheek sliding) are all at her discretion. Treat her with lots of respect, be nice to her and she'll be nice to you.


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