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The Ballroom



Lay down on the bed and close your eyes.


Darkness; then suddenly flashes of an abstract lined image; then darkness again.


In the distance, an archway, out of it you see the Italian coastline from a cliff, driving along a freeway, seeing through a child's view from the backseat.


As quickly as you truly feel you are there, you open your eyes and your lover is still there beside you, smiling.


Close your eyes, back to darkness. Then, wind. Intense, battering wind. You can barely walk against. You hold onto your love in the bed.


Open your eyes, see your reality, close them and truly be in another, simultaneously aware of and a part of, two real realities.


You hold onto your love, bodies entwined, rocking back and forth, you become liquids in the darkness, mixing yet not fusing.


You are brown, she is white, mixing and spinning, faster and faster, becoming one, but neither loosing their individuality.


Then... suddenly, and without skipping a beat, you're in a grand magnificent ballroom. Gold and red adorne the walls. Your love stands before you, and you dance. The room is empty and you are in your own private universe. Nothing exists but the two of you.


Societal pressures, fears of being caught, nothing and nobody exists but the two of you, and it is this instance, this perfect moment where the true miracle of two entities becoming one occurs. You are she and she is you.


In both worlds, in the ballroom, and on the bed, you're both experiencing the same thing. Opening your eyes, you both casually switch between worlds.


Slowly the ballroom fades to black, and you see yourself, prostrate, darkness surrounding you. A dim purple aura surrounds you, growing stronger, and fuzzy.


You buzz with electricity, as two spinning golden lights, that you know to be your lovers hands, penetrate your purple. They spin around you glowing and humming. As they spin around you, your body explodes in ecstasy. Every part of you explodes in a white light, nigh unbearable, you transcend your own being and become matter.


Together, formerly separate, now transcendent, complete and whole. You are the universe, God, history and time. Indestructible and indescribable.

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