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Woman, Desire, Effects



Been writing a bit lately, for no real reason... just something to keep me occupied in the few seconds between calls at work. Here's a few things I've written in the last week. Now, I'm starting to work on an idea for a video project. I'm thinking of attempting to compose my own music for it as well if I can find the volunteer musicians and actors for it.




The scent filling your head and floating you away,

The soft, supple skin that succeeds silk in every aspect,

The eyes that pour into your soul and see the true you,

The curve of her lower back... enough said.

Her face magically perfected to entrance and enrapture thousands,

Your heart looses control as she nears you.

Hours become mere seconds which you'd give the world for to stretch into eternity.

Her voice like the angelic chorus of angels pouring out from their mouths the utter delights of heaven.

As you move closer your head pounds with pressure,

passion that has been building for aeons, just waiting for this moment.

Intense, unsurpressable desire.




Desire, passion, lust.

Three words that engulf my soul and consume me.

The simple memory of your face, seen through the flames.

Nothing else matters but my idol, my siren, my Venus.

Mystical chords of eternity have played the tunes of Eros.

Hera, Athena and Aphrodite would happily hand the Golden Apple of Discord to you without hesitation.

I will bathe you in mystic, heated wine.

Literal and metaphorical images will never do justice to the insurmountable cravings for you.

Unregarded devotion to an ideal perfection embodied.

Tu eres el amor de mi vida.

Supressed yet now finally released.




Like a lightning-filled arrow soaring to the heavens.

Soundwaves envelop your body, warming you.

Sensations enhanced, every pore opened, breathing through your entire body.

A single, softest touch feels like nothing you could imagine.

Memories and images repeat themselves projected in your mind's eye eternally.

You no longer care, numb to your prior worries.

Reload and go again, this time double!

This time it's deep, a rare.

You're heavy, unconscious and in the darkness, yet still aware of yourself.

You want nothing more than to stay, alive in death, perfect peace.

Clawing at the darkness, desperately trying to hold on as you're gently pulled from paradise, and laid softly back on your bed.

You know you should stop, but you just can't, to return to the darkness is your soul's desire.


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