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How do you feel after a great punt?



I had a rather busy February, six punts in all and five in nine days. As much as I would like to spread out my playtime a bit better, I am very much dictated by who wishes to tour our boring city. For some unknown reasons, no less than ten WLs decided to descend onto Canberra in the space of two weeks. In any case, I can't complain as I got to see a few girls off my wish list as well as catching up with some of my favourite ladies.


All in all, it was a great month punting wise, particularly the couple of sessions with two of my very favourite ladies. We always have a great time but the latest sessions simply went up another notch or two as impossible as it sounds. Now, I should be a very happy man which I am but I am also feeling a sense of longing even a little withdrawn. I haven't given punting much thought since. I know I am not in love, I am too sensible for that but punting without a degree of connection wouldn't be much fun either, at least from my point of view. The fact that I can't see them at a drop of a hat probably add to the feeling of longing, just as well, I would go broke very quickly otherwise.


This slightly depressing but also somewhat delicious feeling has happened to me before, I am sure I will get over it. If not, they should be back in a couple of months to give me a temporary cure.


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